2012-11-18 W (82-46)

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  1. CoachClow Member

    My second year running the RRO, we have had some balance score sheets come back in my first year, but nothing like this. I had to share it. player-pts
    Player 1 - 2
    Player 2 - 2
    Player 3 - 6
    Player 4 - 6
    Player 5 - 10
    Player 6 - 16
    Player 7 - 14
    Player 8 - 14
    Player 9 - 12

    Player 1 is our defensive specialist. Player 2 and 3 are our assist guys.
    The balance is a testament to the group and the offense. The league decided the other team shouldn't be in our division after this one. Although the score more reflected how well my guys played.
  2. Hoop Active Member

    Nice sheet...and I like that your players have roles.
  3. Tom7 Administrator

    Wow! So you guys sent a team down a division? Wow.

    That final score makes me wonder if you were able to give more minutes to some players who might not ordinarily get them and if that helped with the balanced scoring.

    Thanks for the report; I love these. Everything else is theory, academia... game reports? That's data!
  4. CoachClow Member

    We were able to spread some minutes around, but with 9 guys on our roster there is only so much of that we can do.

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