2012-12-14 W (36-30) - Not pretty!

Discussion in 'Game Reports' started by coachgrd, Dec 15, 2012.

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    Wow. What a mess.

    We picked up win #2 yesterday, but it was not pretty...36-30. Our decision making was bad at best. Our read and react habits are not there yet. Monday's practice will be a review of pass and cut, coupled with a great deal of 5 on 0 and 5 on 5 in the half court.

    Parts of me wish had held off until Christmas break before introducing circle movement and dribble at. We were getting plenty of opportunities to attack the basket without planting that seed and now it appears that they are trying too hard to do that. As a result, we are as I like to say, trying to force a square peg in a round hole.

    Next week we finish the NBA portion of our schedule: 6 games in 12 days. I'm anxious to get to Christmas break where we can address some things we are struggling with.

    Never the less, we are 2-1. We've taken roughly 150 shots in 3 games, some good shots, many forced. I've not done the stats from yesterday's game but we were shooting around 32% from the field. I do not think that is bad for a 7th grade team.

    I told my boys after the game that if we can win on the road playing that poorly, we must be a pretty decent team.
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    coachgrd, I moved your game report from another thread here to help model for others how to post game reports here. I meant to tell you before I did it, then spaced out and did it; hopefully that's okay. Thank you for keeping up-to-date like this.

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