2013-01-20 W47-34

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  1. CoachBob New Member

    We came into this game 0-3 and we badly needed a win for our confidence and just to re-affirm our direction. I had to sit our best player and another rotation player because of their actions in our previous practice. They sat out the entire first quarter which was a risk considering our record coming in. We played very conservatively in the first but came out with a small lead.

    In the second we went full-court man for the first time this season. I am an aggressive coach and I had to try this at some point. My assistant had worked with the other half of the team on a 2-3 when they came in I handed the coaching reins to him and it all seemed to work!

    My best player wound up with 20 points in three quarters of a game although he over-passed on a number of occasions. There were many encouraging signs in this game and we were re-vitalized by a much needed win! I also saw many things that we need to work on in practice this week.

    Also I was able to make a point to two of my players and I guess everyone on the team about what is expected in practice.
  2. Tom7 Administrator

    Fantastic! I LOVE that it worked out that you first win also was the game where you taught the team your point about practice.

    I also love how you delegated and trusted the second unit. That game must have been a nightmare for the opposing coach. Hopefully the parents of your players were paying attention too. They can be such assets.
  3. CoachBob New Member

    When we lost our first three games my best player was almost pulled from the team. For us to lead at the end of the first without him in the game must have told everyone something.

    I took a huge gamble and came out on top maybe we turned a corner. It should be interesting. We have another game this Sunday.

    I have emphasized that winning should not be the criterion for success we have to be about getting better. I can already see that we are getting there in practice but I'm not sure the parents understand. They - like my players - are new to the game!
  4. ST1 Member

    Where is the footage :/

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