2013-02-05 (RRO in 90 minutes?!)

Discussion in 'Game Reports' started by Tom7, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. Tom7 Administrator

    Please note that I am posting this game report in ADVANCE of the game.

    Here is a question for you: can the Read and React Offense be taught in a 90-minute practice? I am about to find out tomorrow.

    I have some friends who have an adult men's basketball team in a local amateur league. They are GREAT guys, have good fun together, but since 2006 when I met them, they have never had a winning season. In fact, I'm pretty sure they have never had more than two wins in a season.

    Using a modified method of teaching the RRO that I wrote about in 2011, I taught the guys the elements of the offense in a 90-minute practice two weeks ago, then taught the guys who didn't make it to that practice at another practice this last Thursday.

    The practices went really well. There were some skeptics at first, but they really took to it and at the end of 90-minutes they were scrimmaging 5-out and 4-out against a shell defense with the following layers:

    1. Pass & Cut
    2. Post pass and cut
    3. Dribble at
    4. Circle movement dribble penetration
    5. Post slides, dribble penetration
    8. Circle reverse
    9. Post screens
    12. Ball screens

    But will it take? In the heat of battle can they and will they play in the offense? Or will they abandon it because it is not habit and must be thought about all the time?
  2. CoachBob New Member

    I feel these guys - in spite of their record - have higher basketball I.Q. than the average group of kids most of us get to coach. Of course there will be slippage but I feel they will be able to run much of this.

    Even if they only remember two or three layers - pass-and-cut, post pass-and-cut, post slides dribble pen and maybe dribble-at you've got a workable offence. It may not translate into a bunch more wins but I'm willing to bet playing becomes a more enjoyable experience for all concerned!
  3. ST1 Member

    If they believe in the RRO then the hard part is over..
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  4. Tom7 Administrator

    I seemed to have pulled a muscle with all my coughing and am in such pain my wife has to put my socks on me for me...

    But I've asked someone to video tape this game tonight, and if all goes well, you guys may be able to see for yourselves how this team with 90 minutes of RRO did.
  5. Tom7 Administrator

    I agree, coach. I'm quite used to coaching youth (both boys and girls) ages 12 to 18 for most of the last 2 decades, and teaching these adult men was quite different. However, their experience was both a blessing and a curse.
    • A blessing in that once you explained WHY we wanted to do something a certain way, many of them picked it up almost instantaneously. They just knew that was the action to take to produce that result.
    • A curse in that many of them had habits from other offenses that they had to fight against. For example, one player kept wanting to set a pick when he was dribbled at. Another problem was those who had not played organized ball before really disliked the idea of moving within a system.
    But one of the coolest things was that as practice progressed, someone would ask me a question and I would just smile and let others answer. When they teach themselves, not only do they learn it better, but they often explain it differently than I would, giving me valuable insights on how I might teach this better.
  6. Tom7 Administrator

    Oh, and the team we/they are playing tonight is undefeated this season, so it should be a real test of the 90-minute RRO concept. I am so curious to see how they stick to it -- especially since I may be too sick to be there to guide them. Argh!

    p.s. Neither my wife or daughter will video the game. Apparently the Bachelor is on tonight. Hopefully I can get someone to.
  7. ST1 Member

    keep us posted! Need video!!!
  8. Tom7 Administrator

    As fate would have it, I am too busy to view the video much less post it until Friday afternoon at the earliest, but my wife did video the game and hopefully it turned out well.

    We came from behind in the 4th quarter and won, which was absolutely amazing to us. We are elated.

    I will post video here when I get that block of time on that computer (on ipad now).

    I will say that how well we ran the RRO depended on the guys we had in. Some guys didn't even try, some did it the whole game.
  9. pdxcoach New Member

    Nice! Let's see that video:)
  10. Tom7 Administrator

    I didn't want to leave everyone waiting for too long so I posted just the 1st quarter on YouTube for now. I'll post the other 3 quarters as time allows.

    The team I am working with is in white.

  11. Coach_Alex New Member

    :) Great commentary, who is Jeff van Gundy?
  12. Tom7 Administrator

    Well, between Jim Shorts and Noah Lott, I guess Jeff would be Noah Lott because he really does know a lot. He just also says goofy stuff some times so Van Gundy is in touch with his inner Jim Shorts as well.
  13. Tom7 Administrator

    Here is the 2nd quarter. The RRO is basically not being run at this point.

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  14. Tom7 Administrator

    Here is the 3rd quarter... the offense is doing a bit better but not great.

  15. Tom7 Administrator

    Okay, here is the 4th and final quarter, and probably the most important video to watch.

    I think it is remarkable that, after instilling a half court offense (in just 1 90-minute practice), these guys scored 13 points more than their previous high, and did it against a perennial powerhouse in their league who (until this game) was undefeated this season. If anything, they should have had less success with their offense against this opponent.

  16. ST1 Member

    Hey Tom

    Thanks for the Video.

    The first game we used R&R the assistant coach and myself BOTH lost our voices... if the players did know the R&R before the game they sure knew it after
    I will watch the rest of the video tonight(im on my mobile phone)

    1) when you start using the R&R turnovers will INCREASE cos your players will be doing something OTHER than what they want to do.
    With proper spacing(1 meter behind the 3 pointer and getting my hours behind the offense things will improve)
    2) The frontcut is the linchpin of the R&R. if they pass they MUST cut. Everytime. EVERYTIME. If they go rear they normally end up someone else and the rotation isnt as smooth. your team should have PASS AND CUT FEVER.
    3) Once they have pass and cut fever then you will need to slow them down. many people just pass and cut for the sake of it and dont take the scoring opportunity that are right in-front of them.
    4) I would focus purely on Pass and cut and post passing -out 5 out.
    5) Then dedicate a few players specific rolls: dribble at put them in the post, dribble at read line cut and then designate some screeners. Pin and Pics.
  17. coachgrd Member

    Tell big #40 that he can't do much (other than pass) with the ball above his head.:D Triple threat!
  18. Tom7 Administrator

    The guys of this team adopted me as their coach for the season. With near weekly practices, and with videos of their games commented over so they could review their play on their own time, we have continued to improve as a team on both ends of the court and...

    We finished the season with just 1 loss! This year this league didn't have a season-end tournament, so the regular season records determined who goes to the regional tournament and we are in! We are pretty excited about having a post season; that's never happened before. In fact, I think we don't even care if we get blown out (single elimination tournament); it's just so cool we are going.

    This was the first time I have coached adults. It was and still is a real adjustment for me, but these guys are just such great people that they have made the change easier for me.
  19. Tom7 Administrator

    I have stopped making progress reports here because, well, because the team did so well and I didn't want it to appear as if I was blowing my own horn -- especially since I cannot take credit for it. It was just a year where the stars aligned... new players, new coach, new approach, new results.

    In the 8 years I have known these guys, they had never had more than 2 wins in a season. This season, however, the team had only one loss in the regular season, was the 2nd seed again coming out of the post season, then went to regions going all the way to our region's Final Four. And were it not for blind luck (and bad calls), we would have been in the championship game.

    We started slowly, a bad habit for the team, but eeked our way back into being competitive.

    With 3.x seconds left, down 3 points, we called time out with the ball near half court. Our opponents' defense denied the ball to our two best scorers, so it came in to one of our guards who brought it across halfcourt.

    Foolishly, our opponent opted to deliberately foul him, figuring I guess that at best he would make two free throws and they would get the ball for the rest of the time and the game would end.

    However, when they ran at our guard, he put up a shot from almost half court and was fouled in the act of shooting.

    The 3 refs gathered to talk about what they saw, and it was unanimous: he was fouled in the act of shooting a 3 pointer and would be shooting 3 free throws.

    Of course, down 3, we needed him to make all 3 of his free throws, so we sighed when he missed the first. However, our opponents, still incensed that the call was made, had a player wandering around, free throw line extended! It was a lane violation, and to the ref's credit one of them made the call.

    Our opponents were livid, but I cannot see why. They chose to take the risk with the foul, and THEY chose to dare the ref to make the call. Nevertheless, the verbal abuse was thick both from the team and from their supporters in the crowd.

    At any rate, major props to the refs for having the courage to make the right calls. They had my respect.

    Our guy made 3 free throws in a row and forced overtime.

    We went up 7 points in overtime, and the guys on the sideline started to celebrate just a bit. I yelled out the warning, "The game isn't over, guys! Keep playing the way we need to to win."

    Then their best player said an astonishingly vulgar thing to our best player. Without thinking, our player said something back and TWEET! They were both ejected from the game.

    Interestingly, the officials then awarded our opponents 2 free throws for the incident. I would like to have talked about that with them, but these refs were not, well, open to anyone's viewpoints.

    Our opponents kept fouling us and we kept missing free throws until the game was tied. We had the ball with 3 seconds on the clock. In the time out I told them, "Guys, it doesn't matter if we miss the shot; it is a 'Hail Mary' anyway. The only way we can screw this up is to turn the ball over here in their back court, so take care of the ball. And by the way, win, lose are double overtime, we are going to react with class, everyone get that?" They smiled and nodded.

    Guess what we did.

    In our defense, the ball came in to that guard who made the 3 free throws, and he was fouled very hard across the forearm, but the refs clearly had swallowed their whistles this time. The ball jarred loose, and our opponents fell on it and called time out as the clock expired.

    It looked like we were headed to double overtime, so I could not believe it when they were awarded the time out. From where I was standing, it appeared as if the player with the ball was lying on the floor with 60% of his body out of bounds. We checked the video, which was about 5 feet from the play with an unobstructed view of the player, and we have video evidence that the player was half out of bounds.

    The right call was to either give us the ball, or allow the teams to go to overtime.

    And of course, the right call before that was to call the foul.

    Instead, the refs put 0.7 on the clock and allowed them to inbounds the ball.

    The catcher caught the ball, turned 270 degrees and fired up a 3 which went in, which the video confirms was much more than .7 seconds worth of basketball.

    I immediately smiled, looked at my guys and said, "Hey, they made the shot, right? Let's go congratulate them."

    I trotted over to the celebrating team and shook hands and invited them to Krispy Kreme on me to celebrate with my team. They declined.


    The region asked me to ref the championship games on Saturday if my team wasn't one of those playing. When I got there Saturday, two of those refs from our game were doing the championship game. I didn't bring up the game at all. In visiting with them in the officials room though, I found out that the two were brothers, and that one of them is neighbors with nearly everyone on the team that beat us.


    It honestly didn't matter to us at all though. Our Cinderella season went much further than any of us thought it would. Our goal was just to get to regions. Now one of the core guys is moving away, and leaving with a great memory.

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