2013-02-09 conference championship game

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    Our eighth-grade girls team ended its season on Saturday by winning our conference tournament championship. We had finished third (out of nine) in the regular season so it was a little bit of an upset but not extraordinarily so.

    After a close five-point win in our first-round game we had a ten-point win over the #2 seed in the semifinals. That was our biggest challenge because we had lost both times to them during the season and only led once, that at 2-0. This time we got ahead 7-0 and they never caught up.

    In the finals we had to play the #1 seed in their gym. I really felt good about this game going in. We had split our two games with them, each of us winning by four points on the other’s home floor. So we had them right where we wanted them. :) It was back and forth early but we dominated the last quarter and a half and finished with a 15-point win.

    Here is a nice story about the championship game from a local sportswriter.

    I haven’t viewed the video yet. If any of it looks watchable I’ll try to link to some of it in the video sharing section.
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  2. Tom7 Administrator

    Excellent! Well done!
  3. ST1 Member

    if there was no video for this game it would have been a crime!
    Well done!
  4. CoachClow Member

    plavitch, first off congratulations. I am happy for you!
    Your timing is impeccable. This story is so very similar to what lies ahead for us. We are 3rd seed heading into Final 8 only having lost twice all year, to the two teams ahead of us. I will be printing 9 copies of this story, one for each of our players and we'll read and discuss this ahead of our tournament. Well done, and thank you for posting. This forum as a resource is invaluable to me due to the contributions of members like you.
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    Good luck to you CoachClow! We had won several times in previous years, but always when we were the #1 seed. The best we had done as a lower seed was finishing second. So winning as the underdog was a new experience. The girls really had a focus those last two games that they hadn't shown all year (to my dismay!). That made all the difference.

    I shared this with them (seen on Twitter):
    To be the top seed is an advantage...BUT to be the CHAMPION, you have to BEAT EVERYBODY...#Period
  6. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Congrats with the championship!

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