2015-01-17 2nd game R&R

Discussion in 'Game Reports' started by tim devlaeminck, Jan 18, 2015.

  1. tim devlaeminck New Member

    29-14 win
    2 accidental draft drives
    5 players scored 9 out of 11 players shot
    had to throttle back after the 1st quarter was 13-2
    no one could shot until they made a pass
    opposing team thought we where a veteran team that have been playing for years

    Layers 1 and 3 look good but not perfect
    lots of bounce pass
    less turnovers this week
  2. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Good thing you slowed down the game, I guess you heard the story of the coach that got fired because he allowed his team to pound away at the other team.

    Bounce passes in general are less prone to turnovers, especially when passing inside. IMHO you should strive to pass around the perimeter using chest passes.

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