Agility ladder?

Discussion in 'Player Development' started by Paul, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. Paul Member

    There was a fairly big section on this in the Dynamic Defense DVD. My question is, does it work? Does using a quickfoot or agility ladder actually make a person quicker within a basketball season? If so, it's worth it to me to add it to the beginning of each practice.

    I'm sure there's some value in using a quickfoot ladder. The value that I am seeking/my over arching purpose is that I want to develop close talkers. I see the quickfoot ladder as being a tool that could possibly help me develop players who can closely guard the person with the ball. But, I'd like some 3rd party verification before making the time and $ commitment. Thanks.
  2. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    I find agility work like that is best done in the offseason. Simply because I think our time is better spent focusing on skill development. Also, if you google it or youtube it, there are lots of cheap alternatives for agility ladder substitutes and or means in which to make your own.
  3. Coach Dennis Moderator

    I still use it during practice as an integrated component of my drills. I have bought a ladder for around $25 and it works quite well.
  4. coachgrd Member

    I use it every day, as part of our warm-up. We do a dynamic warm-up routine, then the ladder, then ball handling. Takes 17-18 minutes.
  5. Coach_Alex New Member

    To maximize practice time add the ladders to drills where you have a "jog back"-part. Instead of just clearing the court and jog back to the baseline, have one ladder on each side of the court and have to players jogging back go throu it.

    ... does not belong here, but falls in the same category of maximizing practice time ... those in lines "waiting" their turn, can do stuff. like passing, rope-skipping and other things. keeps them warm, and maximizes your practice time.
  6. JMC New Member

    Have found that if you paint the ladder on the floor and seal over it where bleachers will cover it up during games it is easier. Every where I have been, there has been an agility ladder painted in a weight room.

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