An out of the box idea for the Lakers

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    When the Lakers acquired Steve Nash and Dwight Howard, and before the season had started and Coach Mike Brown was fired... I have been telling friends that the Lakers may well need to think outside the box in terms of player rotations, minutes and who starts.

    To me, it makes no sense to have a starting line up of:
    o Steve Nash
    o Kobe Bryant
    o Metta World Peace
    o Pau Gasol
    o Dwight Howard

    And then have a bench of, well no one.

    It is as if their philosophy is to use these starters to build a lead, then watch it vanish while the bench is in then insert the starters and fight again for it.

    Does anyone else think that is brain dead?

    Look at how the elite teams operate. The Spurs bring one of their big three, Ginobli, off the bench. The Thunder brought James Harden off the bench. The Heat had their struggles until Shane Battier (always a great defender) started scoring like crazy (particularly from the arc) coming off the bench.

    What is worse, like when playing for Team USA, these excellent players hold back and defer to teach other for the team's sake.

    Why would you overpay as the Lakers have for players, then ask them to go half throttle?

    Doesn't it make much more sense to take two of that starting five and bring them off the bench?

    In fact, given the age and health history of some of these players, and Dwight Howard's tendency to gather fouls, I would divide the Lakers into two complementary teams, and balance the minutes of the two groups until the 4th quarter, then play whomever is playing best in the 4th.

    For example, the starters could be:
    o Steve Nash (8-time allstar)
    o Jodi Meeks (defends 1 & 2)
    o Devin Ebanks
    o Antwan Jamison (2-time allstar, scorer)
    o Dwight Howard (6-time allstart, 3-time defensive player of the year)

    And the bench could be:
    o Chris Duhon
    o Kobe Bryant
    o Metta World Peace (1-time all star, 1-time defensive player of the year)
    o Jordan Hill
    o Pau Gasol

    Each line up would have 2 to 3 scoring options and adequate roll players, and everyone would need to play full out for their time on the floor.

    Of course basketball tradition and egos would prevent this from happenings, so I would start the starters, then sub out Bryant, Gasol and World Peace and play the two groups with balanced minutes until the 4th quarter, then play the starters again, fresh and confident from being at their best all game.

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