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Discussion in 'About Anything' started by coachgrd, Jan 25, 2013.

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    First let me say that I've been at this for 25 years and have developed a great relationship with about 99% of the area chapter's officials. This vast majority are great people that I think enjoy working with me too. The other 1% are guys even the 99% don't care for.

    I had 1 of the 1% last week for a game that went down to the wire. With 13 seconds to go and us down by 1, we force a turnover on their end. I call a timeout and instruct my PG to get the inbounds pass, dribble up court to the right block, and call another TO. (I also told him that if he could get all the way to the hoop, by all means score.) He could not get to the bucket, as he got stopped on the block, where he called a TO as instructed. I wanted to run our BLOB play that our opponent had not stopped all day, figuring we would at least get to the line if not hit a winner if we execute it.

    As we are coming off the floor, the ref points to the sideline as the spot where we would inbound. For a moment, I came unglued and questioned the spot, only to be rebuffed by 1%. I didn't feel I could press the issue for fear of a T, thereby giving us no chance to win so I gathered the troops and reviewed our SLOB play.

    We did not get a quality look and lost by one.

    I was PO'd. My video tape confirmed that he was indeed standing on the block. What would all of you done in a situation like this?

    Just venting, as it still is eating at me.
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    I'd need at least a day to get over that one.


    First, let me say that I'm impressed that you planned and communicated your next time out during a current time out. I hope I would have been that smart, but I doubt it.

    Second, if I got a call like that, I would probably wave over Mr. 1% AND AT LEAST ONE OF THE OTHER TWO OFFICIALS and ask, "May I ask you guys a question? I have a paperback copy of the rulebook here, but it is also on my iPad. I understood that the ball should be baseline out of bounds. Would it be okay if I looked it up? With search on the iPad it would only take a second."

    Odds are only 50/50 they would let me look it up, but because another ref is there, and because I'm calm and respectful, the odds are fairly good Mr. 1% won't want to look like a doofus in front of his peer ref and will relent if the other ref nods that he thinks it should be baseline out of bounds as well. Then I thank them either way.

    Even if refs make a boneheaded call that cost me a game, and I lost a championship game by the way on a ludicrous call, I've got to think about the next game and the fact that I'm going to see that ref again in future games.

    Friends come and go, but enemies accumulate.
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    In critical situations I will always give the refs a quick "where's the ball going to be?" before I get into the huddle and draw something up.
  4. NigelCarpay Member

    lol - I hada situation the other day where our opposition got confused and scored on their own goal. Then the reef handed the ball to us to go on with it. So I called them over, their reponse: we are now changing ends.

    Was not happy.

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