Another one bites the dust

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  1. Tom7 Administrator

    "On December 3, 2012, Avery Johnson was named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month. On December 27, Johnson was fired as head coach of the Brooklyn Nets," (John Schuhmann).

    PJ Carlesimo is the interim head coach, Stan Van Gundy is rumored to be considered for the job.

    Nets point guard, Deron Williams, has recently and publicly pined for Jerry Sloan's offense, but that isn't the problem. Looking at the numbers, the Nets defense is the culprit. The Nets defense was ranked #7 in the NBA October through November, but slid to #18 in the month of December.
  2. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    Anyone who has watched the Nets play, can see that Avery Johnson's offense is a series of pass, hold, go one on one, pass, hold, go one on one. A most of this passing and holding is by design and occurs primarily between D. Will and Joe Johnson. They have 3 very capable and differing stars in Brook Lopez, Johnson, and Williams and some handy role players in Gerald Wallace, Kris Humpheries, and even Marshawn Brooks - however, any team I've ever been involved with, player's played harder on defence when they were involved on offense. So the Joe Johnson hold it offense is likely killing the desire to defend for some guys. And while I like Lopez as an offensive player when your center avgs less rebounds than most SFs you have an issue.
  3. Tom7 Administrator

    I am frustrated by offenses that have a ball handler along the arc, staring into the key waiting from someone to navigate the cross screens, down screens, back screens, moving screens, etc. and emerge in the spot they want him to get a pass. The shot clock ticks away, so if the offense doesn't get what they want, the team has a desperate improvisation to try which typically is a low percentage shot. Yes, if they execute well and the defense muffs it, they eventually have an advantage, but it's fools gold.

    The Jazz do this all the time to get the ball to Al Jefferson or Paul Millsap midpost extended, and by the time they have the ball and player in the "right" place, there is something like 8 seconds left on the shot clock. And more often than not, they get double teamed and the shot comes from a weakside (skip pass ball reversal) perimeter shooter anyway. I can think of a dozen ways to better get that shot.
  4. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    I'm not saying every team needs to run a principle based offense, but some form of continuity would surely be better than set plays. And I suppose in some regards the continuity offenses that I like are reaction based; as most of them are based around continuous screen rolls; and reading the action the defense takes to defend. [see Billy Donovan]

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