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Discussion in 'About Anything' started by Tom7, Mar 18, 2013.

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    How much value does a 'C' contain? Being Canadian, I have a hard time keeping up with the abbreviations for all the secondary institutional leagues/associations in the US. NCAA D1, D2, etc. NCCAA D1, D2, etc. NAIA and whatever else is out there. To be clear Shorter University is a member of the NCCAA D1 and claimed that associations National Championship. A success without a doubt.

    But, not to be confused with NCAA D1. The RRO is still waiting on a major break through at the NCAA D1 level. We all know what a strong performance there can do for a program and the systems being run. UCLA, Princeton, Dribble Drive come to mind...
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    Yes, very well stated, Coach Clow.

    I'd love a DVD of that final game. First, because it was an overtime, come from behind victory for a coach I very much like as a person.

    Second, at the current time, this is probably the highest level the RRO has reached and penetrated with this level of success. I'd love to see that RRO in the real world at that level.
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    I PAID for the game, but have NOT received the download link yet :/ Very unhappy
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    I went to order the DVD. In the ordering process, it asked for my cell phone number. I don't like to give that out because I don't like it to get spammed. The site refused to take my payment because I would not provide a cell phone number. I guess that leaves me with out the DVD.
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    By the way, I noticed that I left out one C from the title of this thread. Shorter won the NCCAA Championship. I assume the additional C is for the word "Collegiate," because I would never have left out "Christian." (Wink)
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    My DVD is now in the mail :)
  9. Tom7 Administrator

    I am considering using a fake cell phone number so that I can order the DVD without them spamming my phone.
  10. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Why on Earth does a company need to have your cell phone number.... that really goes beyond me. I would be interested in the game as well, but with my recent battle with the Customs I'd rather keep my money in my pocket. No sense getting slapped by custom fees twice the value of the DVD.
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    Be advised that this link doesn't allow you to buy the DVD anymore. The page has gone soccer and I cannot find a way to buy the game DVD on the site now.
  12. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Tom, scroll down a bit, past the soccer and the baseball. They still sell the games. about half way at the page.
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    What would I do without you, Coach Dennis. I found it about 45% down the page (about 19 page down presses). Probably the easiest way to order this DVD is to:

    1. Use this link

    2. If your browser has a find on page feature (usually [Ctrl]+F on Windows, [Command]+F on a Mac), then use it to search for this text: Game 12 (Men's)- Shorter vs. Oklahoma Christian (FINAL)

    3. Otherwise, scroll about halfway down the page until you see this heading and logo:

    2013 NCCAA Div I MBB & WBB National Championships DVD's

    Below the logo it says, "Enter Game # of desired DVD"

    And there is a field below it. Enter the number 12, then click the big, yellow "Add to cart" button.

    I'm wanting footage of an actual game being played with RRO. It would really help my guys to see a team using it for real in a real game and winning with it. If any of you happen to have such footage for me, I'd LOVE to get it too.

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    Let me know once you have watched it so we can compare notes :)
  15. Tom7 Administrator

    We'll do.
  16. Tom7 Administrator

    FYI, I am not ignoring you, I am still trying to get my DVD. Here is my latest communication:


    These days no one hesitates to order a DVD from an online business, much less from a Christian sports league.

    In good faith I gave Tourbeau Sports Group, LLC 100% of the requested funds in advance of receiving any product, and I do not think I am out of line when I ask you as president of Tourbeau to please simply give me 100% of what your organization represented it was selling to me. Please do not make me take further steps to make this happen.

    Tourbeau Sports Group took my payment from PayPal on October 20, 2013 when I ordered a DVD via your website.

    Nearly two months later, after emails prodding for action, I was sent a link on December 9, 2013 to download a video whose quality is poorer than most YouTube uploads.

    Had I purchased a download, which I did not, I should have been able to download it way back in October when you took my payment, and not after nearly two months of waiting and emailing.

    Moreover, at the very least I would expect the video download to at least be DVD quality, namely 720 x 480 (at 29.93 frames per second) and not 640 x 480.

    In 1987, 640 x 480 was pretty exciting, but in 2013 we expect to at least be able to read the numbers on the jerseys of the players.

    The way the Tourbeau Sports Group has treated me on this order is absolutely outrageous. I am hoping you agree and will address it and make it right.

    If for some reason Tourbeau Sports Group is unable to give me a DVD with DVD quality, I would settle for a DVD quality video download or a refund. I won't, however, be settling for what Tourbeau Sports Group, LLC has currently pushed on me.

    This purchase, including when Tourbeau Sports Group, LLC took payment and what you delivered for it, are very easily documented. That said, I would much rather be dealt with fairly and honestly than takes steps to escalate the matter.

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    I downloaded this many months ago . The quality was poor despite it being 1.7 gigs iirc
  18. Tom7 Administrator

    Thanks for the heads up. I'm hopeful that if they send me the DVD it will be better, but it also could be that the download file is the only file they have of the game so the DVD will be just as bad as the download.

    I wish they would have acted in a timely manner though so I could have found that out two months ago.

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