Any active R&R coaches still out there using the forum?

Discussion in 'About Offense' started by Ethan Baker, Apr 12, 2017.

  1. Ethan Baker New Member

    Hey guys, just wanted to see if anyone else still actively checks the board. If so, are there topics that anyone would like to discuss? Going into the offseason I would love to get some discussion going.
  2. NigelCarpay Member

    I'm still lurking, although I'm doing more motion than read and react these days.
  3. rsteele New Member

    I run the read and react. Why more motion now coach
  4. Ethan Baker New Member

    I'm very in on R&R still. I am going to try to introduce a few R&R sets into what we do this year as well though. Last year we were totally free flowing, which I liked, but of course there were times where I wish I could've helped guide our action to help our young players. We have our own SLOB plays, but we are using R&R BLOB sets.

    What kind of motion are you using coach? What caused you to want to change?
  5. Hi Ethan,

    I run all R&R and any sets that i have are also from the Quick-Hitters/Variations DVD, i also run a few elevator plays with Read and React Principles. Question for you are you running your zone offense using Read n React and if so have you put in the "Fantastic Four"?
  6. Ethan Baker New Member

    That is where I went to find the sets I plan on using this coming year as well!

    And we are not running Read and React against zones. Last year we started simply running R&R against zones, but we struggled mightily. This was probably more due to my teams youth as well as my own as it was my first season as a head coach. Either way, it didn't go well. With that in mind, I tried to transition us to the Fantastic Four about a 1/3 of the way through the season. This worked a little better, but we still were terrible against zone. This could have been personnel based issues though, as I really only had one true point, two above average outside shooters (ended the year at 39%/40% from three), one tenacious rebounder but poor shooter (6'0" super competitive senior that couldn't shoot well except for around the rim), and then my only player above 6'1 was a 6'3 tweener. In theory I thought that running R&R or Fantastic Four would be great for us because of our lack of a TRUE post as well as the players buy in to it/the success we had with it against man. But I wasn't able to get it to translate to an efficient offense.

    Because of that I actually ended up reaching back into my videos and found Vance Walberg talking about what he did when teams switched from man to zone because of the Dribble Drive. He doesn't have anything revolutionary there. Basically gives a secondary set against zone and then the typical 1-3-1 zone offensive look. With that said though, Vance gave some GREAT breakdown/offensive guidelines in my opinion. We went to that about 2/3 through the season and for the first time all season, we had some great success against teams that played us zone. With my true point on top, my shooters on the wings forcing the defense to extend, my tenacious rebounder/rim scorer on the baseline, and then my 6'3" tweener in the high post area. While it doesn't have the beautiful player movement that R&R does, I found that the players responded to it well. Our ball movement improved drastically. I plan on sticking with that moving forward, but I'm most definitely still a R&R guy vs man!
  7. ST1 Member

    Im Still here, Our 2017 Season is about to kick into high gear
  8. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Yeah, still around. Season just ended, started making plans for next season.
  9. NigelCarpay Member

    A couple of reasons. The primary reason though is that our association has a new program director who is setting offence and defence from top down, very much what the read and react was designed for. He's a former international coach who knows his stuff so we are going with his motion.

    Secondly and I think this is probably more important. My experience with read and react is that it takes a hell of a lot of drilling, and even then I find the kids are thinking more than playing instinctively. The exception to this is if you have kids who have learned read and react for ages across multiple years. We just don't have all our association coaches on the same page for that. So while it's not a failing of the offence so to speak my kids weren't playing as instinctively as I'd like them to. This means I'm spending more time teaching offence rather than skills work, and that needs to change.

    Since moving to motion I'm finding the simplification of what we are doing liberating for them and they are playing better as a result.
  10. NigelCarpay Member

    Thought I'd add to this. We won the championship this year, so pretty good result from the motion.
  11. Thanks for the reply coach, interesting take, I was just looking at some motion offenses and actually feel just the opposite. Think your IQ has to be higher to run Motion. Guess there is no 1 way to do things huh?
  12. mvcbruce Active Member

    Yep, check it a couple of times per day. Hopefully, people will begin to contribute again.
    I still go back and read many, many contributions made that are still relevant and I still need reminding.

    Hey, a Read & React Question.
    Question 1:
    vs Zone, the Pass & Cut . . . the Cutter cuts to the "Logo" area. vs M-M Cutter "Basket Cuts" (much deeper).
    Question is... in M-M, can you/does anyone actually cut to the "Logo" before the next decision is made, or do you continue to Cut deep?

    Question 2:
    Does someone have a list of Read & React teams that play and are seen on ESPN 3? It would be nice to see some teams actually run the offense.

    Question 3:
    Has anyone watched Iowa women play? They've been R&R for years, but seemed to drift away from R&R concepts this season.
    At least (as I've seen them), they often Pass & don't Cut, Laker Cut seems optional, Circle Movement seems non-existent.
    They're young . . . and turning the ball over alot because they no longer rotate & move . . . rather, they pass & watch.

    Question 4:
    New "Zone Offense" has some great new concepts. Perhaps a more mature version of "Nail & Flank". Adjustments to current ideas seems to be minimal. Anyone using successfully?

    Talk soon . . .
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