Baby pin (Zone R&R)

Discussion in 'About Offense' started by Woody, Dec 16, 2015.

  1. Woody New Member

    From the fantastic four zone video, if the players are already 1 point, 2 wing, 2 short corner with the ball on the wing, I think the baby pin makes a lot of sense. (Note: I have the wing set the pin and the short corner step up to the wing. This preserves spacing better in my mind)

    My struggle is how to set the baby pin if the offense is already moving i.e. point, 2 wings, strong side short corner, strong mid post.

    Do you sprint the wing in and set the pin for the mid post, since he should be next out? Keep the post in and have the point who is dribbled at exit to the backside for the pin 3?

    Interested if you have tried this, seen the same timing issues I have seen, or seen something that works well.
  2. ST1 Member

    Baby Pin?

    i know a Pin and Skip, Pin Screen, Reverse Screen

    is this in the new 2015 R&R?
  3. Woody New Member

    It is from the "fantastic 4 Zone". It is a pin and skip, the skip is just much shorter (Essentially from the point to wing)

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