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    Here's a thread to share baseline out of bounds (BLOB) plays.

    I saw a college team use a baseline out of bounds play that was really effective. In an interview, the coach talked about it as a zone BLOB they just put in.

    Say the ball is baseline out of bounds on the right side.

    The formation is spread: 3 out, 2 in at the elbows, only the weak side wing isn't actually out because he is baseline out of bounds... I just wanted you to see the formation.

    Ball slap.
    • The right wing runs toward the corner with his hands open towards the ball.
    • While the right wing cuts to the corner, the weak side elbow runs down the key line; his mission is to set a screen on the weak side post defender as low as he can get it.
    • As the strong side wing reaches the corner, the player on the strong side elbow cuts along the key line.
      • If the post defender on the strong side took the bait and ran out to cover the corner, the elbow cutter gets a bounce pass and a layup because the help defender on the weak side is screened off the play.
      • If the strong side post defender stays low, the cutter then goes to screen him as low as he can.
    • When the strong side cutter crosses the mid post, the player on top draft cuts behind him, right down the middle looking for a lob pass near the rim.
    • Do not pass to the secondary cutter too soon or he will still be covered by perimeter defenders. The center cutter needs to get deep enough so that the perimeter defenders release him to be covered by the post defenders. Of course, both post post defenders are sealed away from the play by dual picks low, so...
    • Dunk (or layup).
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    I'm looking for some new blobs against man defense...any suggestions?
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