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    For 7 years my web host has been wonderful, but the problems both their service and support have given me since late January is aggravating enough to consider legal action. The google analytics reports are just depressing; my web host just killed the momentum we were gaining in building our coaching community.

    At any rate, I'm about done researching web hosts and will be migrating the forums to someplace much more dependable. When that is complete, I'll make another push to grow the forums again and will write and post a more comprehensive terms of use agreement, but until then ...

    We have basically 4 rules:

    1. Play fair.

    Please don't do anything illegal here. That seems like a no-brainer, but I've had requests from companies producing coaching products to take down copyrighted materials posted here by coaches.

    2. Use good sportsmanship.

    I hope people will both offer and be open to opposing views, but whether we agree or not, let's be respectful. If Kobe can be friends with D-Wade, even after getting his nose broken by Wade at the 2012 all-star game, we ought to be able to be friends as well.

    3. Think "Team-first."

    Promoting your business or cause here might be good for you, but spam annoys and drives people away, so we don't do that here.

    4. Play both sides of the floor.

    I appreciate it when people respond to my posts, therefore I try to make time to be responsive to others as well. We are all busy, but when possible, please try to give as well as receive.

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