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    Does anyone run these in practice? I really like the idea but haven't had a team to try it with.

    Has anyone run a Basketballogy Scrimmage with adapted scoring? PGC has some really cool ideas about teaching players to own shot selection, with my personal favorite being to teach players to rate shots on a 1-9 scale (since no shot is a 10) essentially what is the percentage that you would shoot from that spot, in that situation.

    Once that is established (and it can change over time) I want to run a scrimmage but use shot ratings as points, with a wide open layup being worth 9 points, your best shooter with a wide open 3 is worth 5-6 (maybe more or less depending on your team) and a contested step back being worth 1, no matter if the player is behind the arc or not.

    Has anyone plyed with this idea, or any other ways to internalize good shot selection?
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