Can't Get Any R&R Offense Initiated

Discussion in 'About Offense' started by Youth Coach, Feb 3, 2014.

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    Hi. Long time poster, but first post of the season.

    I coach middle school boys and I only get 90 minutes a week before we play our weekly game. I have a good team (decent guards, decent athletes, decent size, etc.), but I cannot get my kids to use R&R principles. R&R has worked well for me in the past, but this season has been a struggle.

    I don't want to resort to canned plays (which is why I adopted the R&R), but I need to do something to salvage the season. Yes, I realize the solution is drilling pass/cut, dribble at and other R&R principles, but doing those drills really hasn't gotten these kids to react to what the ball is doing.

    I tried resorting to this against a 2-1-2 zone that presses out
    - one big runs the short corners
    - another big screens the elbows (or flashes for a pass)
    - one guard up top
    - we get the ball to the wing. Designated big runs to the short corners and we get him the ball. Then we do a laker cut for either a shot near the paint or maybe a layup. If no pass, the guards fill and replace and until we get the ball to a cutting guard. Or sometimes the other big will dive to receive a pass from the short corner big. Stuff like that.

    I'm really frustrated because I can't get these kids to do even that against a zone that pressures the ball. They end up dribbling aimlessly or taking ill-advised shots.

    I'll keep doing the R&R drills, but would really like a formation/quasi-play just to get things running. My kids know how to pass/cut, dribble cut, hook into the zone, etc., but won't do it. Just too much standing.

    Any suggestions how I can get an offense running (even a semiscripted one)? Thanks for any ideas.
  2. Coach Basics New Member

    I'm new here but work with the same age kids. 90 min is not enough but we get just one day a week, then we travel to tourneys. Are your kids somewhat goal oriented? Could you get someone to track actions like pass and cut, or dribble at, or pass post and laker cut? Give them each a goal of 10 or 20 actions per game and those that don't give the effort can spend some time running sprints or another activity that would inspire them to move. Again, forgive me, I am new. I just haven't had the issues you are having. Our kids are pretty motivated so this has been really good for them. Also vs a 2-1-2 with pressure out front looks like a good defense to run 3 out with 2 high post. When pass to post laker cut and have other post slide to short corner. We don't see much 2-1-2 but just an idea. Anyone else? Good luck
  3. Youth Coach Member

    Good suggestions. Under your scenario, let's say I have both bigs on the elbows, and let's say I have the ball on the right wing and pass to the big on the right elbow. Are you suggesting that the big on the left elbow should occupy then the LEFT short corner, or the RIGHT short corner?
  4. Coach Basics New Member

    While the action is happening on the right side, have the opposite big "post slide" to the left short corner and "read" the laker cut from the wing. It might be a little much to ask at first but if you get them used to that action, the big can hunt either short corner. If the wing laker cuts high, the big in the weak side short corner can do a lot of different things. He can shape up for his "Buddy" to get him the ball or screen for the cutter or just change sides (go behind) the defense and get a look as well. There are so many options with this offense. You could look at some of the action vs. a defense then drill the ones you think will work best but by starting high, you will drag the lower defenders up the lane giving those short corners an opportunity to work. Anyone else? Good luck.
  5. NigelCarpay Member

    Hey Coach. If you have enough to scrimage. I suggest the following because it appeals to the competitive nature of your team.

    Whenever we scrimmage, I always give the boys a focus. Ie - defensively we are going to keep the ball out of the middle. Offensively, we need to score off a dribble at. Any score that doesn't score off the action you want (and explain in advance) call out loud so everyone can hear. "Turnover! No score!" Naturally keep score etc....

    Soon enough they should see the benefits in the actions.
  6. CoachDC New Member

    Or award an extra possession when a team scores off of the action you want. We do this with our fast break. Any score in transition and the team is awarded an additional half-court possession. It's really helped our transition D.
  7. Youth Coach Member

    Thanks, guys. Good suggestions. Part of my problem this year is that I had less time to work on "drilling" R&R principles. In past years, I drilled a lot but found that my kids suffered from not having enough work on fundamentals (e.g. dribbling, passing, shooting form, etc.) So I promised myself I would carve out more time this year, but it has led to less work on P&C, dribble at, etc.

    We don't have enough gym space here which is why we only get 90 minutes of work a week plus games.

    Any other thoughts how to get my offense moving more?
  8. gonzalez97 New Member

    hi coach,
    2 things... you could start with a post at the elbow and the other post in the opposite short corner. Have the high post set a pin scree on the top guard of the zone, the once the ball is skipped he can roll down the lane. if he gets the ball, then he can shoot or pass to his short corner buddy. after a couple of times, the zone will sag and your wing can drive and pull up for a nice 10 -15 footer.

    the other thing you can do is experiment with different formations, like rick does in the clinic videos. try 5-out with hook look and hold for 2 pass, then try 4-out-1-in with hook look hold for 1 pass, or try the 3-out with one post works short corner to short corner and the other stays in the high post (my favorite). or you could try 3-out where each post stays on one side of the court - posting on strong side, pinning on weak side.

    then see which alignment your team naturally picks up.

    the more pin & skip, the better... in my opinion.

    good luck!
  9. Big Daddy Member

    Youth Coach:
    I posted the attached zone commentary last year, but will add it here. I coached middle school boys’ travel, practicing only twice a week (8 game league schedule), so I understand your limitations. Hopefully you can pick up something useful.
    I don’t think you have a choice but to try and practice R&R actions AND fundamentals at the same time given your limited practice schedule. You’ll have to do your dribbling/passing/shooting drills in the context of the R&R.

    Also, do you use video at all during water breaks? Kids nowadays are very visual, and if you show people passing and standing, or staring out into space as someone drives the basket instead of circle moving, or “playing backwards” instead of read line cutting, it might be useful. Challenge them mentally; let them know you will learn a lot about their basketball IQ by who executes the desired actions and who doesn’t.

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