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  1. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    Nice to see more coaches getting involved in the conversations, and starting new conversations. I really enjoy the ability to pick the brains of other coaches who have similar offensive philosophies. I wasn't at Better Basketball's forums because they were the Read and React forums, I was there because of the quality of coaching minds that shared.

    Glad to see that same atmosphere picking up here.

    Thanks Tom.
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  2. coachgrd Member

    It does seem to gaining momentum quickly!
  3. Tom7 Administrator

    We have 99 members at this count... I'm excited for when it breaks 100 -- still, I know some are spammers and I'll be banning their accounts before long. I wonder what the member count will be on January 1, 2013.
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  4. Hoop Active Member

    Well done, sir. Again, thank you for picking up (diving for) the ball.

    (You should get BB to buy advertising spots.)
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  5. coachgrd Member

    I say you'll be at 1000 before long! This place is very well thought out...nice job Tom.
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  6. coachmike Moderator

    Keep promoting this place to fellow coaches. As it grows so will the number of brains that we can pick and learn from. I thoroughly enjoy this forum.

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