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    I'm often amazed at how amazing the match ups on Christmas day are for the NBA games. There is no way the schedule makers could have anticipated the changes in rosters, coaches, etc. that would make for such amazing story lines tomorrow.

    The "power rankings" set the top 4 NBA teams as:
    1. The Clippers
    2. The Thunder
    3. The Heat
    4. The Knicks

    All 4 of these teams play Christmas day.

    12:00 pm EST on ESPN - Celtics at Nets

    The Boston Celtics (8th in the east) visit the Brooklyn Nets (6th in the east). On November 28, the Nets won in Boston in a game that had 3 ejections. No one is expecting Christmas spirit in Brooklyn.

    3:00 pm EST on ABC - Knicks at Lakers

    The New York Knicks (2nd in the east) visit the Los Angeles Lakers (11th in the west). Of course Lakers coach, Mike D'Antoni was the Knicks coach last year. D'Antoni resigned and the Knicks have been awesome ever since. The Knicks thumped the Lakers in New York December 13, but this time the Lakers are at home and have Steve Nash and Pau Gasol. Will it matter? D'Antoni has been playing Kobe Bryant serious minutes during the Lakers win streak, and it is starting to show in Kobe's shooting percentage.

    5:30 pm EST on ABC - Thunder at Heat

    The Miami Heat hosts the OKC Thunder. Not only is this a rematch of the 2012 NBA Finals, but the Heat have the best record in the East and the Thunder have the best record in the West. The Heat improved their roster over last year's with the addition of future hall of famer Ray Allen. The Thunder lost key 6th man James Harden. While technically the Thunder has the better record, the Heat just seem to be bored some games. Perhaps the large Christmas day television audience will bring out the best in them again.

    8:00 pm EST on ESPN - Rockets at Bulls

    Even the Houston Rockets trip to the Chicago Bulls has an interesting subplot. With the return of Rockets head coach, Kevin McHale, the Rockets just ran Memphis's NBA-best defense out of the gym, scoring 33 fast break points -- 20 more than any other team this season. The Bulls, however, have the NBA's second best defense and the NBA's best fast break defense. Time to test Mark Jackson's adage: good offense beats good defense.

    10:30 pm EST on ESPN Nuggets at Clippers

    When this game was scheduled, they must have thought it would be a snoozer, hence the late hour. However, the Los Angeles Clippers will be defending their 13-game winning streak at home on Christmas day against the Denver Nuggets. And a 14-game streak looks likely. The Clippers allow less points in the paint than any other team in the NBA, and the Denver Nuggets just set an NBA record for missed 3-pointers in a game. If the Nuggets can't score from outside, the Clippers will do their best to keep them from scoring inside as well, and we may well watch L.A.'s other NBA team remind the world why they resented all the hype around Steve Nash and Dwight Howard coming to town.

    It looks like a very merry Christmas for hoops addicts.
  2. coachmike Moderator

    Oh yea a beautiful day of basketball awaits.
  3. coachmike Moderator

    I'll take the Nets, the Lakers (they need to turn it around), the Heat, the Bulls, and Clippers
  4. Tom7 Administrator

    So you are going for all the home teams? You are probably right. I'll tell you, if the Lakers don't win against NY at home, there will be some serious questioning in Lakerland.

    Yes, Pau and Nash are just now back, but it's not like Nash needs to get used to the system. D'Antoni's system helped Nash get two MVP awards. Pau may struggle to fit in, but when you've got Bryant and Howard, you've got plenty.

    I'm worried about the minutes D'Antoni is putting on Kobe; it feels like D'Antoni is trying to keep heat off him now, but killing the goose just before the playoffs when he is most needed. Maybe the thinking is if Kobe breaks down, no one will blame D'Antoni anymore if the Lakers don't get a title this season.
  5. Tom7 Administrator

    Happy Christmas, everyone. See you boxing day!

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