Circle Move and Post Slide Shoot Around

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    Heres a simple modification of the 3 man basic drills that incorporates some reaction habits. The drills indicate 30 secs each player, but this could go for any duration. The time adds an element of pressure. The assigned roles for each duration allows the shooter to get a series of reps instead of one every three times through in the traditional 3 man drill for that layer.

    No fast draw here, so I have done my worst to provide quality. Hopefully someone can use this simple drill set.

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    Thanks CoachClow,

    I am going to modify and adapt this to my daily dozen workout for my kids. We do a pass, close out, 1,2 step combination drill that leads to one on one, now, I think we may put in that wing player and have them circle move; and the offensive player has to recognize a good lay-up or a saety valve or natural pitch depending on the action of the offensive player.
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    --see attached--
    Here are some R&R Full-Court Warmup / Team Layup Drills we do.
    Our practice begins everyday:
    07 min - Dynamic Warmup
    05 min - Dynamic Stretching
    10 min - Ball Handling (1-ball & 2-ball)
    05 min - Form Shooting (pure technique from RR Shooting DVD)
    10 min - R&R Team Full-Court Layup Drill (different everyday-see attachment)
    10 min - Defensive Fundamentals ( 2 of 6 Fundamental Drills)

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    Thanks mvcbruce, I like most of all of those.

    The Corner Come Back and Laker Cut layer could also easily be added to the drills I originally posted. We dont do the corner come back and I like the reaction necessary on the two I posted, so I left out the Laker Cut.
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    This is awesome, thank you for posting this.
  6. Great stuff as usual! Good to see you back coach!
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    mvcBruce, why cant you accept PM's?

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