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Discussion in 'About Anything' started by coachmt34, May 21, 2014.

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    I feel like my strength in coaching is at practice. I think I'm good at developing individual players and their skill sets and I think I've become much better in the past year or so at developing a team. By that, I mean that I've gotten better at encouraging players to come together as a team, building the team concept, identity and unselfish play. My schemes and philosophies are starting to have an identity.

    One area I don't feel I have improved in is coaching a game. I feel like I can come out with a good initial gameplan, but my ability to make in-game adjustments is lacking. Sometimes I go back and watch film and things standout very clearly as to certain adjustments that we could have made that would have given us an advantage.

    Once the ball is tipped, what kinds of things are you looking at as a coach? Are you looking for how the opponent reacts to certain actions? Looking for mismatches?

    I would love to have a discussion about this.


    PS - I am coaching girls travel ball. This past season was 4th grade. I'll be moving into 5th grade with them and then 6th grade the following season.
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    Everyone wants to win. No one wants to lose. However, at this age, it's more about getting better. I've coached young kids before and I don't know how many adjustments I made. I think the biggest "in-game" adjustment I made was making sure our best players were guarding their best players. I think it's more about making it fun and building a passion for the game. If they are playing hard and trying to play together, I think you're doing a great job. I don't know how many "adjustments" they are able to process when they are that young. If you're building skills in practice, then you're doing exactly what you should be doing. Keep it up.
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    Basketball games go soo Fast, its very difficult to actually grasp whats actually going on and watching the tape afterwords you will always be saying "I should of done this or that" etc

    Player match ups are important and you trust that they will match-up accordingly, and if they know they are in trouble they should ask for a switch.... (You need to be very aware/quick if you need to double team the post)

    Im a Firm believer that you coach your players how you want them to play at practice's

    If they are not playing your way during a match, Trying to get them to play your way during a game is NOT gonna happen. The players have blinkers as they are so absorbed by the game. When there is pressure defense you can forget about it. All you can do is shout from the bench and hope they can hear you which alot of coaches do, HOWEVER this shows me that the coach has not drilled his players enough...

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