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    There are probably only a few that are interested, but in the interest of completeness I have finally uploaded the video of our tournament championship game. The game is not as well-played as the semifinals were (IMO, anyway) and the video is not as smooth, either.

    We were the #3 seed (in dark) playing against the #1. We had split with them in the regular season. We beat them by four, giving them their only loss, and they beat us by four. We felt confident going into the game and I didn’t detect any excess nervousness, but we missed a lot of easy shots.

    The challenge against them was the size differential. You may not be able to tell on video but we are very small, especially at guard. They are a lot bigger, especially at guard. They have long arms and can jump and really deflect a lot of passes. They are also very physical. Our offensive focus was mainly on taking care of the ball. (Naturally we come out and turn it over on our first possession.) Defensively we knew they wanted to drive it so we wanted to force pull-ups and floaters instead of letting them get to the rim.

    They played a 2-3 zone until late in the game and showed several different zone press looks throughout the game. We ran our normal man defense all over the floor.

    We got ahead early but by the end of the first quarter they had tied it up. The second quarter was back and forth. They hit a three near the end to take a two-point lead at halftime.

    They were up by three midway through the third quarter when we took over. A three-pointer tied it up and started a 9-2 run to end the quarter. We were up four at the end of the third, and then outscored them 16-5 in the fourth quarter for a 15-point win.

    It wasn’t a pretty game but they are a tough team to look good against. Our style of play just compounds the ugliness. Maybe you can find something of value here, though.
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    I know when we beat them the first time they were visibly tired late in the game. I didn't notice it as much in this game but I still believe it was a factor. Their principal told me he thought our substitution pattern was good strategy.
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    Oh, I agree completely with their principal.

    Not only do you preserve your teams legs somewhat for the end, but your style of play, particularly on defense wears teams down too.

    Plus, your bench stays mentally engaged when they know they are playing and playing soon. This makes them better teammates as they cheer on the success of those on the floor.

    Also, players have good days and bad days. You play each player enough minutes to get a pretty good idea who is off and who is on and can make end of game decisions based on who is on THAT DAY and not on the track record of season and practice play.

    I'll say it again, but all over these and the previous videos is evidence of a very well coached team.
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    This was a very fun group to coach. They played hard and smart and made their coach look good. I really didn't have to coach them much during games. All I did was sub.

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