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  1. plavitch Active Member

    I have uploaded quarter-by-quarter video of our conference semifinal game to YouTube. We are the #3 seed (in dark uniforms) taking on the #2 seed. They had beaten us by eleven and by four during the regular season.

    Offensively our game plan was to drive the ball to the basket. We didn’t think they could guard us on the dribble. We do have some good drives but we also botch some up when there wasn’t anywhere to go. We were being aggressive, though.

    Defensively we wanted to take away open looks from their best shooter. She had scored in double figures in the two prior games and had only missed one shot in each game, I think. We do a good job at the beginning of the game, especially. She gets some looks later on but ends up with only two made FTs.

    The first quarter was big. In both regular-season games we had fallen behind by significant margins early. This time we got ahead 7-0 and were up 11-6 after one. We won the second quarter 11-5 for a 22-11 margin at halftime.

    We lost a lot of our intensity in the third quarter and only stretched the lead to 30-18 after that period. The fourth quarter is a model of how not to play with a double-digit lead. We acted like we were down by twelve (which was the norm against this team) and let them cut into the lead. Normally I would have played our closing group a little more here but we were only going to have about a 15-hour turnaround before the finals the next day and I was trying to squeeze out some extra rest. I never really felt we were in danger and we finally got the ship righted and won by 10.
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  2. Paul Member

    Your team is impressive. What grade is this?

    Your press and overall defensive scheme really seemed to fluster them. I like how you changed the position of the floater at different times.

    Congratulations on the win.
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  3. Tom7 Administrator

    plavitch, thank you so much for posting this! I'm going to try to make some time over these next two days to watch the game -- and I'm going to repost the links you provided in your OP (original post) below. When I watch from my iPad, it's just a bit easier to watch the game embedded than have it jump over to a Safari YT page.

    I thank you again for doing this though. This is going to be so much fun and help I'm sure.




  4. plavitch Active Member

    Paul, it's a seventh and (mostly) eighth grade team. And thanks for the compliment.

    The changing of the floater's location is more a function of who is in the game at a given time and what their capabilities are. It's not a coaching move, just letting players do what they can do.
  5. Tom7 Administrator

    Just watched the first half -- this is impressive video. I love how aggressive your team is, and their pressure is smart; I love it.

    That's some interesting officiating you have happening there too by the way.
  6. Tom7 Administrator

    Obviously they allow zone in your league. I think their zone is part of the reason for their comeback. Also they seemed to make more of their free throws.

    I love how you use your depth and the substitutions that you run. Having continually fresh legs on the floor allows you to pressure them all game, plus I think that defensive intensity carries over to offensive aggression as well. I think it works well for you guys.

    I have used pressure differently than you do -- and this is NOT a recommendation that you do it like I do, it is just chit chat on the subject.

    I like to bring pressure out at certain times in the first half so that we get used to doing it, and so that it rattles them a bit when they see it -- then I like to put it away until the end of the 3rd quarter. Bringing it back at the end of the 3rd quarter can get the team back into pressure mode and rattle the opponent going into the 4th. Then the pressure in the 4th is effective because the opponent hasn't solved it yet.

    This is what your opponents did, and you guys had a lot of Q4 turnovers.

    However, with a team as deep as yours, your full game pressure gave you the buffer to withstand their run, and gave your team an aggressive mindset all game long which was a very strong contributor to your win.

    Plus, the way you do it has a better chance of "taking their hearts." Many teams lose desire to give extraordinary effort, particularly when they are down in the last quarter.

    Anyway, you sure got a lot of late game free throw practice, didn't you? :)
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  7. plavitch Active Member

    Yes, anything goes defensively in our league. I think their zone slowed us down a little but I wouldn't say it helped them come back. They played zone the last three possessions of the first half, the entire third quarter, and the first five possessions of the fourth. (That's a little iffy. I can hear their coach yelling man but we turned it over before the defense got set up. In fact, we had three straight TOs right before the change but the zone wasn't responsible for any of them.) Anyway, we were up 12 when they went zone and up 13 when they went back man and starting pressing.

    When they did change defenses in the fourth they went on a 6-0 run to cut the lead to seven. Our possessions during that time were two missed contested lay-up-ish shots, a missed wide open four-footer, a missed front end of 1&1, a turnover when we were body-checked out of bounds and the ball was awarded to them, and one turnover when we did make a bad decision against the press. I will take one legitimate turnover in six possessions any time with this age group, particularly against pressure. My problem was with the contested shots we took. I thought both were bad shots given the time and score. We spend time in practice working on the very end of the game, but we really never practice the "OK, there are three/four minutes to play and you're up 12 points" scenario. We don't have time for that. And these girls don't watch basketball with that kind of thought process so it's OJT. We hadn't had a game like that all year so it was new territory.

    After they cut it to seven we scored four straight to make it 11. Then it was all FTs for us, except for one turnover on a rebound at the end. As you noted, we didn't do a good job at the line. We were 6/19 while they were 10/15. Our two best shooters combined to go 3/9 which didn't help. Our others are hit or miss.

    I understand what you are saying about mixing up the pressure. Lots of years we will just play with token pressure up court and jump into denial as a surprise. Your suggestion actually makes a lot of sense. I didn't think that was the way to play with this team, though, so we just pressured as much as we could all game long (or until the score got one-sided). There were three games this season when we didn't press and the girls were heartbroken. "But that's our thing," they said. "Just for a little bit?"

    As for the officiating, well, when we began pulling ahead I thought one of them started making calls or non-calls to try to keep the game close. I was particularly irritated about a non-call on what I thought was a cheap shot on the lay-up that stopped their run. After watching it on video I think it should have been an intentional foul. These are actually a couple of our better officials, too. Enough of that.

    I appreciate your comments. I should have done this during the season to get others' ideas and observations on how we could improve. Now it's just here is our finished product. It's nice but probably could have been better.
  8. Tom7 Administrator

    Did you have your final game yet?
  9. plavitch Active Member

    Yes. I wrote a little about it here. Haven't done anything with the video yet. (Lazy)
  10. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Thanks for posting the videos. I haven't got around to watch all quarters yet. From what I have seen they play very mature, especially for an U14 team.
  11. ST1 Member

    I love watching R&R basketball :) Good job coach.

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