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Discussion in 'Video Sharing' started by ST1, Apr 23, 2013.

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    I'm swamped until this weekend, but I will make time and check out the video.
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    I'm not expecting great responses, as its a new bunch and we are using traditional R&R against zone defense...
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    Sorry, but I forgot I had commitments for this weekend too so it will be a bit before I can see the clips, but I'm looking forward to it.
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    I looked at the second game. It is clear the guys are playing R&R style of basketball. The first thing I notice a shot is taken after an average of roughly three passes. Whereas there are quality shots there are also questionable shots, especially after one pass. You might emphasize hunting the score a bit more (e.g. faking the outside shot, dribble drive and move from there).

    Secondly I wanted to add that your team doesn't do a good job shooting from the outside. Sure, some went in but like my former coach used to say: hoist up a ton of shots and some are bound go in. From the looks of it your teams favors the dribble inside and the kick out. As a coach I would have make my zone smaller and instruct players to close out on #8 (he was the guy hitting two or three threepointers right?).

    Cutting is not a habit yet, but all in all your team does a nice job especially for their second game. The dribble drive causes some havoc on the zone, forcing it to collapse. I think your team favors to kick the ball out again if they are stopped. Especially with a zone I would teach the guys to use the short corner more often. The two defenders in the back are to busy with trying to help on the drive, leaving them blind to the guys moving in from the short corner.

    All in all your team looks pretty good with the movements. Good job coach!
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    Hi CD, We start our games Playing R&R, towards the end its just streetball...
    I hate it when they do the 1 pass and shoot, that normally happens when were are up by many points or down by many points either way its unacceptable... Shooting was BAD, i put those clips in so the players can see what they were doing.(i dont only put in the good).

    Yes that style of defence would of shut us down quicker...

    Will remember the short corner for the next time we play against a zone. Any idea how to get the short corner to become habbit for our post. cos right now we play the post only in the Mid block or high post...
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    Making the short corner a habit is a difficult question. The zone you were facing in that clip is either a 2-3 zone or a 2-1-2 zone defense (the difference is not quite clear from the clips). It doesn't really matter as both zone defenses are prone for drives from the top of the key. In that regard your team attacks the right way, with drives from the top.

    The other weak spaces are those between the two outside defenders, between the 2 and 3 line (or 2-2 line). The most important weak space is between the baseline and the basket. The defense in the middle typically stands a few steps in front of the basket, both corners are free to go to the baseline. However, when that drive at the top occurs the first instinct is protect the basket so they will step a bit closer to the top in order to prevent the drive. This will leave room for the corner players to step in.

    If you play 5 out, you will automatically have one player attacking the basket from the baseline because of circle movement. The other player circle moves towards the top of the key in the wing position. How about instructing those corner players to make two steps towards the basket, read what the defense is doing. If the defense picks them up, let them finish the circle movement as intended. If not, you have created two scoring options.

    The way I teach these scoring options is by letting the players experience how blind they are from an attack along the baseline if a drive from the top occurs by putting them in the defensive position of the zone. They will focus mainly on the drive and not on what is behind them. If they see how it works perhaps they will use it to their advantage.
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    IMO filling the short corner (SC) is too important an action to be left to the discretion of the players against a zone. I will put forth two recommendations:
    1. 1) Run 4 out with one player rotating between the SC’s with an emphasis on always being on the ball side. This is what we ran, and I can attest to its simplicity and effectiveness (middle school boy’s travel).
    2. 2) If you are committed to 5 out, have the rules be as follows:
    ·Have the first hook and look cut be in the rectangle defined as the box that makes up the two high post and two mid post positions.
    ·On the second pass or action, the first cutter MUST flash to the ball side SC. If the ball is out top, obviously they could go to either SC.
    ·On the third action, they must fill out.
    ·Post slide rules still apply.
    If you think about this, you can see how the formation starts 5 out, but quickly morphs to 4 our then 3 out. As the ball gets worked around the perimeter and the high post and SC, you can see how the the formation randomly changes to between 3 out, 4 out and 5 out. The pressure on the zone is constant, and it’s nothing they have experienced before.
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    Your page is blocked by my anti-virus for some reason.
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    BTW we WON the League! Will update Video's when i get back from European Tour.
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