Cutters getting JAMMED

Discussion in 'About Offense' started by Hoop, Feb 6, 2015.

  1. Hoop Active Member

    What to do?

    I know about "Corners", and if the jam occurs deep, leg whip and post up, but has anyone found another counter action to jamming the cutter?

    It sure as heck ruins the offense.
  2. Set back screens on the players that keep getting Jammed up.
  3. Hoop Active Member

    Thanks, coach.

    In a 5 Out, doesn't this just result in the "Corners Layer"?
  4. In Corners the cutter is getting jammed and going and cornering off and setting a back screen, i was referring to having one of the other players on the wing coming over and setting a back-screen for the players getting jammed. Hope that makes sense?
  5. firststep Member

    I like to go to a 41 set and go out and back screen and roll with my post player off the passer.
  6. Hoop Active Member

    I appreciate the responses. I'll play with it, but I think CORNERS (or, "Pass & Screen Away), is still the best way to keep the driving lane uncluttered. You get out of the away and hopefully your D (now Help D) follows. , opening up a brief opportunity.
  7. ST1 Member

    If players are getting jammed or being guarded very tightly this is "PRIME TIME" to set a back screen. a open layup is moments away...
  8. Hoop Active Member

    The situation is all players, without the ball, are getting jammed when they move. If I cut, I get jammed. If I go to set a screen, I get jammed. The result so far has been just an absolute mess in the lane....a ticking shot clock....and forced 3pt shots.

    Everyone is guarded honestly until they move.
  9. How long have you been running the offense?
  10. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    Think of the pass-cut, not as a primary scoring options but instead as a means to disorganize a set defence. Passing and cutting, forces player movement that occupies help side defenders. However, equally important is the double gap that the cutter creates. I teach player's that the receiver has first option to play into the double gap and the 'filler' has the second opportunity. This means that unlike traditional Read and React teams we do not fill immediately. Instead the filling player must hesitate (think 1/10th of a second) to see if his teammate is going to attack the double gap off the catch. On eye contact, the filler will cut hard to fill - reading whether his defender is behind, even, or ahead of him. If behind the cutter face cuts, even - he uses a high and outside hand to receive a pass which tends to lead to a rip and go, ahead - rear cut.

    I've gone slightly off topic, but my point is pass-cut alone will not result directly in a scoring play against top tier competition. It will however, create double gaps which provide scoring opportunities if your players have strong decision making skills.

    If you are looking for a simpler answer to jammed cutters, have them cut on a slight angle away from their intended direction. As they are jammed, swim across to change direction towards their intended goal. Example: 4 out 1 in, guard to guard pass and cut. Have the guard cut as if he intends to go downhill but towards the weakside corner, he should be jammed on the outside by many defenders, allowing him or her to step across using a swim move and come back inside to receive a pass.

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