Daily NBA Fantasy Sports Pick 5 Tracking Thread

Discussion in 'Fantasy Basketball' started by Lineup Legends, Oct 29, 2013.

  1. Lineup Legends New Member

    Going to try and beat these games this year for fun. Thought I would make a thread about it to see if anyone else is doing the same and to hopefully get some help on my picks and make some money. Starting stats:

    Units = $11
    Record = 0 - 0
    Profits = 0

    First board tonight is:
    I am going with:

    P. George
    Nicky V
    David West

    Hoping BG's ankles are still good and toughest flip above seems to Boozer vs. Nickey V Ideas and help always appreciated!
  2. Lineup Legends New Member

    Last Night = WIN



    Units = $11
    Record = 1 - 0
    Profits = $10

    Tonights Picks:


    Locking In For Tonight: Durant, Irving, Love, Curry, Holiday
  3. coachmike Moderator

    What site is this?
  4. Lineup Legends New Member

    Hey Mike! The site I am doing it on right now is on Star Street. There are a few other sites that do it as well. Just let me know if you have any other questions about DFS. Not too much interest in this thread it seems so am debating on if I should keep it going or not.

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