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  1. Coach-Farrugia New Member

    Hi everyone,

    A few years ago on the tribe forums I posted video footage of my team during the season. I've come back to these forums now to show you all some more footage of my team running the RnR. I am a coach from Australia, Melbourne, coaching at a club called Diamond Valley. It's a championship club that plays in the VJBL competition in Victoria and follows the FIBA rules. I coach U14 boys which is from ages 11-13 years of age.

    From the 10 players in this team, 9 of them are 13 years old, the other is 12. What you are watching is progression from our team into our current season. We are 5-5 after 10 games and sitting 4th spot on the ladder. We play in the second highest division in Victoria.

    We run 4 out 1 in, and have our post player in the short corner away from the basket. We also have our fill spots on the foul line extended as well as the guard to guard spots at the top of the key. The offense has gone through much progression, I teach this in many ways, mainly now I use SSG as well as Whole/Part methods. We train on Sunday for 1 and 1/2 hours, and also on Monday for 1 hour. So 2 and 1/2 hours total of training time, before playing on Friday night.

    This is my 3rd year running the Read N React, each season I become much better in teaching it and the more I love it.

    I'm very big on SSGs now as well as using the Whole/Part method to teach the offense to my players. Doing this, I have noticed considerable improvement from my players as well as team play. If you're looking for perfect play with excellent passing, outstanding finishing and no turn overs then you're sadly looking at the wrong team. These videos demonstrate mistakes, missed shots, poor passing and at some stages bad spacing. However, you WILL see good shot selection, layers 1-6 being shown, players being aggressive on the rim (we call this hunting), and great team play.

    As I said, we are far from perfect, our record will speak for itself in the videos and explain why we are 5-5, I wonder if anyone can guess why?

    Enjoy the videos - Let me know your comments - don't be afraid to give feedback, it is always appreciated.

    Special thanks to - STEVEN RING - A coach on these forums that runs the RnR. A mentor to myself. Thanks mate :D

    Game One against Latrobe ENERGY -
    View: http://youtu.be/fhd6GeQEbHQ

    Game Two against Melbourne TIGERS -
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nbVAn8ejY7g&feature=youtu.be

    Game Three against Ballarat MINERS -
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8lSf-J03Qak&feature=youtu.be

    Game Four against Mornington BREAKERS -
    View: http://youtu.be/Lwfa25N2O-U

    Game Five against Waverly FALCONS -
    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b5pPVb_faKY&feature=youtu.be

  2. Coach DDay New Member

    Curious what SSGs is referring to?
  3. NigelCarpay Member

    Small Sided Games. It's teaching an aspect of an offense within a game. For instance, 3 on 3 with a rule you have to stop in the post after your basket cut to teach layer 2 of R and R.
  4. Coach-Farrugia New Member

    That's right Nigel. We do lots of Small Sides Games. Coach DDay do you do any at your practices?
  5. Coach DDay New Member

    Yes. Just never referred to them as SSGs. Thank You for the education.
  6. coachmt34 New Member

    I watched game one.

    The patience and ball movement is really good, in my opinion. My biggest "complaint" if they were my team would have been that they are trying to be "too perfect" and it seemed like sometimes they made one too many passes that resulted in airballed jumpers, as opposed to finishing strong at the rim.

    Not entirely a bad thing, though!

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