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Should dick Bavetta retire

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  1. Gemma New Member

    Dick Bavetta has it out for the Utah jazz. If it wasn't for him we would have won against the clippers. I think you shouldn't be allowed to be a referee in the NBA past 55-60 dick can barely make it up and down the court.
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  3. Tom7 Administrator

    I have a TON of ideas to improve officiating in the NBA -- and at every level of basketball.

    I do not know one NBA fan who hasn't been frustrated by officiating at least once in their lives. Poor, and biased officials literally ruin the game for people.

    Currently, the NBA oversees the officials and their big idea for correcting problems is usually to fine any coach or player who doesn't like the job being done. Not only is this heavy handed and more than a bit pathetic in a country whose founding documents value freedom of speech...

    But it puts each incident in the public eye TWICE.

    First, when a player or coach complains about officiating, that gets played through the media. Then when they get fined for it, the incident is once again covered by the media and brought to everyone's memory... reminding us all at least two times what a sad job the NBA does of officiating games.


    Start by making refs accountable. At the end of every game both coaches should be required to fill out a score card evaluating the officiating crew, and officials should be ranked according to their GPA. The best get to ref deep into the playoffs. The worst get to watch them do it on TV.

    Then break refs away from David Stern and the NBA. Stern is all about protecting his brand and his TV deals, as his $250,000 fine against the Spurs clearly shows. That means criticism of HIS refs is tarnish on his product and Stern goes for the quick fix, addressing the criticism instead of the root cause which would take much more time.

    Then break the monopoly NBA refs have on the game. Let the entities outside the NBA bid for officiating gigs, and allow no one company to win more than 50% of the regular season bids. Let the companies compete for the privilege of officiating an NBA game, and they'll see to it they do it better than the other guys, just like coaches and players have to compete well to keep their jobs.

    I've got more, but that was more than enough.

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