DST Norwegian Coach Clinics 2010 - 2012 sessions held in english

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    Thanks, Coach_Alex. These are great references.
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    As a girls coach, the Damien Jennings video is unbelievably good. I just finished watching it.
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    Videos . . . watched them all.
    Damien Jennings is excellent. Charlie Turner thru Pekka Salminen were OK, but a little mind-numbing. Poor Rick Torbett . . . trying to teach 20 layers of the Read & React to coaches/parents with players who haven't played it before in a couple of sessions . . . he even sent one kid to the bench in the second session for not getting it (kid missed first session). Rick always presents in a way that is entertaining, but it can be overwhelming if you don't know the offense at least a little.

    Which brings me to Rob Fodor. This was good. This was brilliant. I ended up taking multitude of notes and rewatched it just so I wouldn't miss anything. The topic was "Shooting", but the focus went beyond shooting form & technique. The session focused on "BALANCE". It's like watching Rick Torbett's "Shooting 2" Video and then taking the next step in a shooter's progression. Rob presented about 20 progressive drills that I just hadn't seen before. I recommend that you watch Rob Fodor's shooting clinic videos linked above.

    Here is a link to my notes below so you can follow the action and don't have to take your own notes. or you can scribble in the margins.
    https://dl.dropbox.com/u/103661469/ROB FODOR -- SHOOTING MANUAL-Intermediate.pdf

    Does anyone know if Rob Fodor has a training DVD on the market?
    I'm sure his clinic above doesn't cover details like a commercial DVD's would cover.

    Coach_Alex, Thanks for Posting these Clinic sessions.
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    wow I like how you made hand-out manual out of the videos, and yes you are right, Rob Fodor and Damien Jennings were the two lecturers I could take away the most. The others are ok, esp. the non-native speakers are very hard to follow. The German (Robert Bauer), the Finn (Pekka Salminen) and the Jugoslav (Drvaric) give you head-aches, language barrier par excellence. I do like Olli Dudfield, the English-man from Australia, working in Scotland and New Zealand :) ... it is not so much about Basketball what I learned from him but challenging players on a intellectual level in practice, not bad, will try some of that stuff too.
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