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  1. Bobbywonkenobe New Member

    Capturing the statistics of actions during a game can provide the coach with a tool to identify the strengths and weaknesses of individual players and the team. This allows the coach to concentrate on improving weaknesses and using the strengths of players and the team when planning team tactics and suitable plays. Collection of the stats can be done by an assistant coach or a willing parent . We have used an Excel Workbook during this season and it is simple to use. It works out a range of totals, averages and efficiency figures for the players and the team. It also has a VPS (value points system) feature to help with rating players' effectiveness during games. Anyone wanting a copy of the file should leave me a message.
  2. Mike Funke New Member

    Coach, I would be interested in seeing your Excel workbook.
  3. Coach Dennis Moderator

    That goes for me as well. If you want you can add the file to a posting or send it through a message.
  4. Bobbywonkenobe New Member

    Hi Mike, email me at bobbywonkenobe@ymail.com and I will send the file to you. It is too big to post
  5. Bobbywonkenobe New Member

    Over the years I have received requests from Coaches to modify the stats workbooks so that they better meet their needs. I have now published some of these modified workbooks on a website at http://www.bobbywonkenobe.weebly.com for anyone to download. I suggest that the KEY sheet which shows the features contained within each workbook is downloaded first and then the workbook that contains the stats you wish to record can be selected and then downloaded.
  6. Coach DDay New Member

    Everyone should check out Bobby's Excel sheets. Really good stuff!! Very detailed.

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