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    I'm too swamped to watch the playoffs this year like I normally do, but in certain moments (like this one), I find my mind wandering over to them anyway.

    Here's a quick question: who are your favorite ACTIVE NBA coaches? For me they are (and not necessarily in order):

    1. Gregg Poppovich - In game 1 of their 1st round series with the Lakers they provided a listen to Pop's huddle. The Spurs were up but the game wasn't in the bag. Popovich praised what his players were doing right, and exhorted them to not settle for any open shot, instead look for "our kind of shots." Good to great, gentlemen, good to great!

    2. Doc Rivers - Passionate yet practical, Doc has that rare ability to connect with players and with Xs and Os equally well. Over time NBA players tend to tune out the coach, but they still hear Doc.

    3. Tom Thibadeau - I don't approve of his verbal abuse and temper at all, but when I'm wanting to learn more about defense, I just watch a Bulls game and I always come away with something good.

    4. George Karl - No current all-stars, plenty of games lost to injuries of key players, yet the Nuggets are the 3rd seed in the stacked Western Conference. Were it not for Jackson/Jordan, Karl would probably have a championship. I'd like to see him go out a champion in the end.

    5. Scott Brooks - Winning, but winning the right way... and I respect that.

    6. Lionel Hollins - The NBA's stingiest defense. Spoiled, over pampered millionaires playing D every game all game. The Grizzlies had exactly 91 points in each of their 2 games so far against the Clippers, that is offensive consistency. When you know what you will score, you know what you have to hold your opponents to to win.

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