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Discussion in 'About Anything' started by Hoop, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Hoop Active Member

    My little dudes (3rd Grade) have their first game tomorrow morning. What a great way to start the day.

    What is in place?
    5 OUT
    Pass & Cut
    Draft Drive
    Dribble @ (Very effective at this level...defenders can suffer from "Deer in the Headlights")

    The above has enabled us to get a tight little M2M in place:
    Ball - Gap - Help
    Cut the cutter
    See man/See ball

    The only major "work in progress" is the read line, over play cut to keep the motion moving. Twelve game season...we'll get it.
  2. coach215 Member

    I might as well follow this. Thanks, Hoop!
  3. Hoop Active Member

    Victory: 26-16

    But more importantly, the looked really good; they looked like ballers.

    The 5 Out was strong as the opponents either hadn't been taught help D or they the lane was wide open for drives. What I thought was our line cuts...wasn't as bad as I thought. We had a lot of back door layup attempts.

    Our little "entry" worked well to start but then our own guys abandoned it; had to TO to remind them.

    Defence was sound. Some fellas coudnt position their bodies to see man & ball, and late in the game the other team was able to exploit.

    This weeks 2 hours will just be the RnR drills with finishing work: layups and 10 foot put backs. Nothing new.

    The one thing I am contemplating for the future, however, is putting in the Power Dribble. Since so many young kids will turn their back to the basket with their dribble ( and painfully dribble sideline to sideleine), I thought implementing this would turn a mistake into a coordinated attack. The fear is that it might reinforce the bad habit we are trying to drill out.
  4. ST1 Member

    Hoop, where is the video!!!!!
  5. NigelCarpay Member

    Put it in. If they are going to do it regardless you can at least teach them how to do it and what to do when they do it.
  6. Hoop Active Member

    @NigelCarpay - thanks for the encouragement. We have had a good week of practice. If they demo everything again on Saturday, I think I might intro this as something new/reward next week.

    @ST1: Yeah, yeah, yeah. Video might be a little over the top for 3rd grade. Last game, we were up by 12, I think, with 4 seconds on the clock going into the half. The ball got loose at mid court and one of my guys dove for it. I immediately called a time out (prevent the travel, get the last shot of the half, right?)....the gym went silent...the ref's started laughing...the scoring table made an "NBA" comment.
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  7. Hoop Active Member

    Game #2...we got SPANKED!

    Technically, the Read Line issue bit us hard. The boys failed to look for reasons to cut and got too comfortable in their houses/spots.

    Overall, we didn't match the other teams aggressiveness, especially with rebounding. We got one shot most trips; they got 3-4.

    All good from a coaching perspective, however. We know what is broken and we know how to get better.

    Love this game.
  8. Hoop Active Member

    Victory: 30-18.

    Dribble @ is *nasty* in 3rd grade.
  9. coach215 Member

  10. Hoop Active Member

    So we ended the season 3-3-1 (yes, an actual tie) with one game cancelled due to weather.

    We are currently 2-1 in our tournament bracket with the final game for 4th/6th place on Saturday.

    Proud of the boys. They are running the R'nR...every basket they scored came from their creativity, not the rote execution of one of my plays. Further, I am proud to report that we are averaging about 6 of 10 / 5 of 9 players scoring in our games. Our competitors are averaging far less.

    I would love to get back in the gym with them...but it is 3rd grade. What is best for them is to go play soccer/baseball/lacrosse.
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  11. NigelCarpay Member

    Great stuff coach.
  12. ST1 Member

    Good Stuff, Build on this. next season more layers.
    Have we ever seen a team that was 100% raised on read and React? you should do a documentary
  13. Hoop Active Member

    We lost our last game, 22-18. We only scored 5 points the whole first half; it was the strangest game we played all year.

    But here is the thing, we had 37 FG attempts and 8 passed through the cotton. That makes 29 misses. 6 of those were ill advised, out of range, "chucks" at the basket. That leaves 23 great "misses".

    What is a "great" miss? These were 23 possessions that not only didn't result in turnovers, but created 5 foot power-up/lay-up opportunities that, with continued skill development, will ultimately add to the point total.

    Further, I had 7 of 10 players take shots with 5 of 10 scoring (vs. 3 for the other team). All with the RnR; we didn't have 4 kids screening for the one kid who "gets it".

    Great kids; great season; great offensive.
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