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    We head into our final weekend of the season and first match-up is against a team we lost to by 14 last time we played. We can play with them, but they run a 1-3-1 3/4 press/trap that gave us fits.

    Looking for some ideas to help us attack it.
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    The simplest way to attack any zone defence is to tell players to play in gaps, more specifically players should be taught to make a triangle with two defenders. This forces decisions on defence. A second simple concept involves penetrating to draw two and passing. We use a saying with our kids drive, pass, pass or drive, pass, drive, pass. These actions often result in ball reversals and or forces the defence to rotate until they are caught out of position.

    Specifically, to the 1-3-1 we attack on diagonals with skip passes.
  3. Big Daddy Member

    The league champs in our 7th grade travel league (two years ago) played a 1-3-1 half court trap. Most of their points came off turnovers from cross court passes out of the trap. Their offense was actually pretty pedestrian, but the trap was devastating to the opposition. The mistake that the average team made was having all 4 players without the ball assume their normal zone offensive positions. When the PG got trapped right across the half court line, he had no easy pass to make, and the defense excelled at playing those long passing lanes.
    We did not play them in the regular season, but I fully expected to play them in the post season, so we practiced our trap break for a few minutes every practice. Well, er…ah…er…ah, we never got to play them in the playoffs, but I will share with you our strategy. IMO fundamentally sound but untested.
    I have attached a PDF of our set up. The light players represent our normal 4 out zone attack with a permanent SC. The dark players represent our 1-3-1 press break set up. You will notice it’s the same set up, just moved back. This was key; I didn’t really have to teach a lot of new formations or actions. We only practiced twice a week, and simplicity/familiarity was important.
    My directive was as follows: PG (1 or 2) dribbles quickly up the court like they are going to dribble blindly into the trap. Stop before you get to half court and reverse dribble, as your teammates assume their positions. Most likely first move is lateral pass to other guard position. Dribble at the other guard works too. Hook and look. SC (#5) flashes ball side short corner after the first action, and follows ball as it gets passed. Run the offense. Once ball gets over half court, no filling behind the half court line of course.
    This set up should provide you with enough passing options that you can avoid the dreaded long cross court pass that gets picked off and returned for a TD.

    I believe you could run the same thing from the black spots 4 out. Make sure you SC #5 player always starts out in the middle before flashing to the SC or filling out. Someone must always have middle coverage. Instead of a lateral pass, the PG would dribble at a wing, stopping before half court, leg whip, and pass it back out top. Run your offense.

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  4. Paul Member

    We played a team that ran a 1-3-1 this weekend. We ran a 4 out with a permanent short corner. The emphasis for the cutters was to 'hunt the front of the rim,' which is something I picked up from viewing one of the zone attack videos. The strategy was very effective.
  5. I think i saw that on the first Zone Attack DVD, Rick showed it against the 1-3-1. Problem is the 1-3-1 i see is much better then a few guys on the dvd going 50%.
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    Was your short corner only on one side of the court, or moving to ball side? What were you looking to do with the short corner?
  7. Paul Member

    She was going ball side short corner with the cutter making a quick cut through the zone to the rim . This put the baseline defender in a difficult spot and we got many open shots.

    It's in the first zone attack dvd. I think the Emmanuel College team was demonstrating it. The 1-3-1 we faced was not a real trapping zone.
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    This season there were teams that ran a 1-3-1 3/4 and it gave my team a headache. The adjustments I made was to start my offense earlier in the possession. Instead of my guys just running down the floor I had two back screens either on the wings or a ball screen followed by a back screen on the wing. The next time we played teams that tried any 3/4 traps we shot layups. Early offense is something that you all may want to try. I think Rick may have said it on the tribe website "make teams guard more than one situation".

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