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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by RustysWag Apps, Jan 26, 2014.

  1. RustysWag Apps New Member

    We have published an app for keeping box scores on an iPad. We have close to 1,000 teams using our app, and we want to know how coaches keep score during games.

    • Do you use technology to keep score, or do you tally on paper?
    • Do you have just one score keeper, or do you need two?
    • Do coaches keep score or volunteers?

    Please take a look at our app at, or find it on the app store under Hoops Stats by RustysWag.
  2. Coach Dennis Moderator

    I have tried working with an app keeping box scores on an iPad (or android tablet). The problem I face is when I am not quick enough I miss the next action. With paper and pen I have never missed an action.

    Let me illustrate this with an example, say our team scores and I record the shot (make) to a player. We also have to record an assist but at the inbound by the other team we steal the ball and score again. I can now quickly add the shot, the steal and then the assist.

    When I do this on the iPad normally I first have to finish one action (the score and assist) then move to the new action (steal, score). With paper I can mix it up, does that makes sense?
  3. RustysWag Apps New Member

    Thank you for the example. This is something we struggled with as well. We designed our app to be as fast and flexible as possible. As you can see below, each stat for each player has its own button, so it is just as easy as tallying a box score. If you want to learn more about how our app works, here is the webpage.


  4. coachmike Moderator

    Krossover and the maxpreps ipad app
  5. Coach Owczarzak New Member


    Really nice app, and when used on the iPad pretty easy to use. We have one JV player use the app, and another to act as a spotter - helps prevent missing stuff. My best crews rarely miss everything. My worst crews, well, they miss stuff no matter what format I give it to them in. :)
  6. coachmt34 New Member

    Is this app available for android? I'm looking for a good app to use on my Samsung tablet. I've been using Scoutlit but have had a few problems with it lately relating to various "zeroed" statistice for random players. I'm looking at Gamechanger currently.

    Any feedback?
  7. Coach Owczarzak New Member

    No, unfortunately. There are no plans for a port either I'm afraid.
  8. coachmt34 New Member

    Thank you for such a quick response.

    Does anybody have any recommendations for android apps for keeping stats?
  9. wooden_disciple New Member

    I've been using Basketball Stat Tracker - works ok with a spotter.
  10. plavitch Active Member

    +1 for Basketball Stat Tracker

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