Hudl vs krossover

Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by coachmike, Oct 27, 2013.

  1. coachmike Moderator

    Anyone use either of these services? Thoughts?
  2. CoachDAP Member

    We use Hudl, because our football team uses it. It might work well for our football team, but not so well for us. The software and the service work most of the time, but it's the whole square peg round hole thing. It was made for football, and we're trying to make it work for basketball. Supposedly they are coming out with a basketball version. We'll see. I just had a Krossover demo the other day. The most appealing thing about it is that they do a lot of work for you, and they are basketball people. I've never used it though so I can't really say, but I've heard a lot of good things.
  3. NannyCarrie New Member

    We are using Hudl with our women's team... Our coach is uploading the game for us to watch. Works fine so far!
  4. coachmike Moderator

    I just got krossover and uploaded first game. I'm stoked to see how it is!
  5. Tom7 Administrator

    Any updates on krossover, coach?
  6. coachmike Moderator

    I absolutely love it. I had a little blip the first game of the season but their customer support was awesome and I've really enjoyed it!
  7. Tom7 Administrator

    Thanks for the update.
  8. Coach Owczarzak New Member

    I use Hudl, and I can say that their changes to flow based games like basketball (which they plan to bring to soccer, lacrosse, etc.) are amazing. Basically, you have an assistant with the Hudl app who "tags" events in the game as they happen - shots, rebounds, turnovers, timeouts, etc. The app uses the microphone to record sound, and when you upload the video from your camera and the data from the app it syncs the two together.

    No more clipping the film into individual possessions. You can watch the whole game at once, and now navigate by statistical bookmarks. For example, I could watch all opponent turnovers, or all missed 3's, or opponent offensive rebounds. You can create your own bookmarks too for film review, as well as tag plays for player highlights.

    This season was the beta for this change, and while buggy, it was clear that they are on the right path. Should be implemented in full by next season, and its significantly cheaper than Krossover.

    That isn't to say Krossover isn't good, but I found having my game film ready the next morning for much less cost was worth it for me. I didn't need at the stats Krossover does in its breakdown either, since I use the iScoutBasketball app. Keeps all the stats I need really.

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