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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by coachmike, Sep 25, 2013.

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    I have seen the Youtube videos and he certainly seems to be a quality example of what can be done for the players to see.... He was at the Mario Chalmers camp here this summer but the price was out of my players' range to head up there to go!
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    My team is currently using it now. I will keep you updated on how much better they got. The possible training system itself is the "Real Deal". I have been using it since may. It's a whole lot of drills that could be used for your guards. It's not for post players though. The read and react shooting workout has some good drills for post players.
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    How do you believe it has paid off this past season? Our middle school team is using parts of it during their practices. After reading, watching you-tube videos, and looking over their equipment I'm probably going to buy their 3-pack medicine basketball and DVD of drills combo pack. I'm planning on using it in more of a station set up at practices 3 to 5 times a week, depending upon our season schedule. As a program we are looking to run the R&R offense, look to work the fast break, run man-2-man defense, and include a run-jump press so I liked how the drills worked on agility, coordination, skill fundamentals but also appeared to include a fair amount of conditioning at the same time.
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    I actually bought 6 medicine balls. The online system may be to advanced for middle school kids if you ask me. Maybe it's this generation of kids that don't like to work. The drills given on possible training are very effective. Honestly as a coach I get out there and work the drills with my players. By doing this on the middle school level they buy in. Don't expect them to do drills on their own. But it all depends on how your players like to work. Yes it is good for M2M. But you don't want your players dribbling around the perimeter if you face a zone. This upcoming summer I'm working 2 to 3 players out so that I can get more out of the drills. Another thing if you have a smart phone you can download the videos and have them for good.

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