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  1. Tom7 Administrator

    To help us differentiate between real accounts and spam accounts, we ask you to please put at least a little something about yourself in your profile information. An avatar is especially helpful.

    On a regular basis we have to go through all the user accounts and delete those that look like probable spammers before they strike. If you have something about yourself in your profile information such as:
    This will help us to not accidentally ban you as a possible spammer.

    As a side note: It's hard to believe there are people out there pathetic enough to spend time spamming, much less people naïve enough to click on it, thus giving these cockroaches the delusion that spamming might pay.

    But hey, if the world made any sense then sideline officials would be operating the instant replay instead of the commentators.
  2. Tom7 Administrator

    Two quick requests:

    (1) Please don't put links in your signature; it makes our anti-spam software send me alerts every time you post.
    (2) Please use an avatar; it helps me recognize more quickly the legit accounts so I can nuke the spam accounts.

  3. Tom7 Administrator

    FYI, our anti-spam software has now auto-banned over 9,500 spam accounts that have tried to register to spam the forums. That boggles my mind; don't people have anything better to do? People who have nothing bigger planned for their lives than to write software that tries to register to forums and spam them are awfully sad people.

    At any rate, thank you guys for simplifying my job and using avatars.

    Please feel free to introduce yourselves more in your profiles.
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