Is NBA officiating getting WORSE?

Discussion in 'Rate a Ref' started by Tom7, Dec 21, 2012.

  1. Tom7 Administrator

    There will always be officiating mistakes, and differences of opinion and frustrated fans... this is not what I am talking about.

    I am talking about HD TVs larger than 70 inches, DVRs that pause and slow motion, and the fans at home that actually know what happened... and how NBA officials make parts of these games feel like trips to the twilight zone.

    Of course the same technology that exposes these outright weird calls to fans could be used to make calls more accurate, but it looks like that will have to wait for NBA Commissioner David Stern's retirement on February 1, 2013.

    Until then, what is going on with the refs? Their weirdness is a distraction.
  2. Tom7 Administrator

    Atlanta Hawks general manager, Danny Ferry, has been fined $15,000 by the NBA for handing a DVD to the refs after the Hawks / Celtics game Sunday, January 6, 2013.

    I cannot think of a more laughable display of impotent and incompetent management by the NBA.

    The Celtics were likewise unhappy with that game's officiating, Rajon Rondo earning a one game suspension for making contact with a ref as he protested their incompetence.

    Officiating is getting worse, or at the very least it is not getting better and this in large part to the fact that the NBA would rather punish people for stating the truth, rather than improve the truth they state.

    In short, the problem isn't poor officiating, the problem is poor management which prevents the officiating from improving.
  3. CoachBob New Member

    Referees have cost the Raptors at least four games this year. They have received two apologies from the league but should have received another last Wednesday when DeMar DeRozan was clearly fouled when trying to go up for a game winner directly under the rim. see this:


    End result? When Dwane Casey complained he was fined $25000. Its ridiculous!
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  5. Tom7 Administrator

    Unbelievable -- and yet all too believable.

    Thanks for posting that clip. Wow.
  6. Coach Dennis Moderator

    What about the recent Heat-Indiana series... what are your takes on that?
  7. Tom7 Administrator

    Sorry to be so late in responding...

    LeBron fouled out in game 5 (I think it was) of the Indiana series, and averaged less than 2 fouls a game the rest of the playoffs, and I'm pretty sure he wasn't backing off of being aggressive.

    I am hoping that David Stern's retirement will be the best thing to happen to NBA officiating. Stern's big contribution to officiating is fining people who point out that it sucks.

    Perhaps his successor will be more brains than ego and actually take one of many steps that can be taken to clean it up.
  8. NigelCarpay Member

    So a couple of things.

    I support the NBA fining for complaints about the officiating. I find it frustrating to see players complaining to officials after every call. Personally I think there needs to be a system to those complaints. One that is private but influential. Any public comments should be come down on heavily. I also think refs should be more strict in games as well. It's a bad example for kids to follow.

    Secondly, I'm not sure why they don't have a video ref who can over turn calls on the fly with an ear piece to the officials on the floor. Really if they had two per game reviewing it woud take no tiem to make a decision and overall improve the flow to the game. The whole reviewing on the floor is silly.

    The teams I coach are under instructions they are not to comment to the officials. If I see them protest, they ride the pine. I don't want my opposition to see if my players get frustrated. Apart from that, it's a negative emotion circle. Most players don't play well angry and refs don't react well to their anger. If you don't allow your players to react like that to calls, I find they play more evenly.

    Aparty from that it just looks bad to have kids complain.

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