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    Kobe Bryant is probably the most polarizing player in the NBA. Nevertheless, I found some things that might be interesting about Bryant in the infographic below...

    (1) 4 of the 5 all time top scorers in the NBA wore a Lakers jersey at some point of their career (if not all of it).

    (2) 3 of the 5 all time top scorers in the NBA regular season were coached by Phil Jackson, you know, that guys the Lakers punked so they could get D'Antoni's run and gun offense.

    (3) While Kobe is now has 30,000+ regular season points and is now #5 overall in scoring during the NBA regular season, Kobe Bryant is #3 in the NBA in playoff scoring with 5,640 points. I wish the graphic told us who #2 and #1 were.

    --- While people are endlessly comparing Bryant to Michael Jordan, Kobe was actually more like Scottie Pippen at the first of his career, where he was 2nd banana to Shaq and led the Lakers in assists during their championship years with Shaq.

    --- I'm sure LeBron James, who has never been 2nd banana at any time in his career, will overtake Kobe before it's all said and done.


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