Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by plavitch, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. plavitch Active Member

    The past week or two I have started experiencing "automatic logouts" on the forum, similar to what always occurred on the old Tribe site. I will log in, go to post a reply, and the site tells me I must be logged in to do that. So I have to log in all over again to proceed.

    This has never happened here until recently, and was one of the best things I appreciated about this forum over the old Tribe forum (where that happened constantly). I would guess the log outs are happening to me over half the time I try to make a reply.
  2. Coach Dennis Moderator

    I do not have that experience. Can you share some details about your browser? Do you accept cookies (or perhaps they are automatically removed?)
  3. plavitch Active Member

    I am using Firefox and cookies are removed on close. This is the same setup I have always used here but have only recently encountered a problem. In fact, I had to log in for a second time before I could post this reply.

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