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Discussion in 'Site Feedback' started by Hoop, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Hoop Active Member

    ...and feels great, as well. Lets hope coaches and players arrive to fuel it.

    On the request list, I am a Google+ guy. I sure would like to share to that community as well as FB and Twitter.

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  2. Tom7 Administrator

    Yes, let's hope people arrive and stick around.

    And I'll look into how to integrate Google+; thanks for the suggestion.
  3. 34mvp New Member

    I'm really happy that you decided to create this forum. I miss searching through the BB forum for ideas and answers so this is going to be great!
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  4. coachgrd Member

    How can we best promote this forum?
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  5. Hoop Active Member

    Hoop College has his site going as well. Maybe a cross promotion between the sites will collect all the "castaways".
  6. Tom7 Administrator

    I've had similar thoughts and have emailed Hoops and am waiting to hear back.
  7. Tom7 Administrator

    GREAT question. And if ANYONE has suggestions, please feel free to join the conversation or send me a private message -- which I guess in these forums is a private "conversation."

    I'm traveling the rest of this week and am limited in the time I can spend here and on this, but when I get back I intend to execute some plans I have for building the coaching community here.

    Meanwhile, please guys, keep posting.

    We get a good number of "visitors" checking out the site each day, many of which are returning frequently but not yet members.

    This really is like a youth dance. Even though people came to dance, they just won't until they see that everyone is dancing, you know?
  8. Tom7 Administrator

    May I ask everyone for a favor?

    There were several "Likes" on Facebook and Tweets telling the world about the forums, and they were displayed in the right side bar of the front page of the forums.

    Then we changed the URLs of the forums to "friendly URLs" and it reset those Facebook and Twitter counters.

    Would everyone please recommend forums.basketballogy.com again on Facebook and Twitter?

    It is best to do it from the forums front page (forums.basketballogy.com), because the counters are page specific, and it would be best to show the likes from that front page when visitors arrive.


    p.s. I am Tom7 because I am Tom the 7th, my dad is Tom the 6th, my son is Tom the 8th... so if it seems like we have a lot of Toms around here, that is why. :)
  9. Youth Coach Member

    Great site. I've had a few conversations with Tom. I predict much success for this place. Great to have an opportunity for coaches to discuss how to help these players get better via the R&R.
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