Mike D'Antoni and the Lakers

Discussion in 'NBA - The Association' started by Tom7, Dec 12, 2012.

  1. Tom7 Administrator

    At this point in time, although it could change, Mike D'Antoni is looking like a huge mistake for the Lakers.

    I just came across this video of Stephen A. Smith which although the interview was given before D'Antoni even got on the job, really makes Smith look prophetic.

  2. Tom7 Administrator

    Here is the entire interview you've seen quoted in many places. Magic Johnson was NOT critical of D'Antoni, nor calling for D'Antoni to get fired. To the contrary, he wants D'Antoni kept, but needs to adjust his system to his personal, playing his height advantage.

    "You've got to take the ball inside; that's how you win games!" Magic said.

    Would any coach or knowledgeable fan argue against trying to win from the inside out?

  3. Tom7 Administrator

    This is a somewhat shocking video... Mike D'Antoni losing it with someone interviewing him.

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