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    When I was a young man, I used to work as a "tree thinner" in a forest outside of Petersburg, Alaska to earn money for college. Tree thinners go to areas which had been logged 15 years previous and trim the regrowth in a way that facilitates healthy growth for the forest in those areas.

    Similarly Basketballogy Forums is adding moderators to help "thin out" undesirable posts that hamper the healthy growth of our online basketball community.
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    Introducing Coach Dennis.

    If you were on the Read and React Tribe forums, then you are probably aware of the work Coach Dennis did to keep them free of spam. I'm pleased Coach Dennis accepted that role with us as well and will be acting as a moderator for Basketballogy Forums.

    Thanks, Coach Dennis.
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    Introducing Coach Mike.

    Coach Mike has joined the moderator ranks of Basketballogy Forums. Like Coach Dennis, Coach Mike is a valued contributor in the forums and has moderating experience -- which will help us keep the spammers out of here.

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