NBADL games streamed live on YouTube!

Discussion in 'NBADL - The "D-League"' started by Tom7, Dec 7, 2012.

  1. Tom7 Administrator

    I realize the d-league isn't for everyone but I really love it. Of course the quality of play is below the NBA's, however it is also above college, and these guys are playing their hearts out for a dream. It is really great basketball.

    Anyway, I was thrilled when it was announced that ALL the d-league games are now being streamed live on the Internet! And using YouTube!

    If you have someone who you followed in college, or if a young player from your favorite NBA team has been assigned to the d-league, you ought to check him out on YouTube. It can be addicting.

    Here is a link to the d-league's regular season schedule, complete with the links to YouTube so you can watch each game streamed live.
  2. Tivo32 New Member

    Thanks for posting this! I didn't realize they'd be streaming games. I'll definitely watch the local teams play.
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  3. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Thanks Tom, I wasn't aware of this. Great way to keep my addiction going.
  4. Tom7 Administrator

    Laughing! Maybe we should set up a new coach's discussion forum: Hoops Addicts Anonymous.

    I really love the D-League. Again, it is a group of high level, capable players, with effort that is usually really something. It would be fun to be a NBADL coach I think. Challenging -- but fun.

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