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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by CoachMcLellan, Nov 2, 2013.

  1. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    Has anyone purchased either of these new titles from BB, "Read and React Boot Camp" and the "2 Player Read and React Workout"

    I am skeptical of purchasing anything new from BB as most of the products since the initial 5 disc planning set has just been repackaged material. I am wondering if there is anything 'new' in terms of drills for implementing that can be found in either of these VODs.

    Thoughts and or recommendations?
  2. mvcbruce Active Member

    Hmmm . . . Bought "Boot Camp" last week, but still don't have access. So, I can't comment, yet.
    "2 Player Read & React Workout" is good for rookie coaches/players learning the offense. Of course, Rick does a great job.
    see attached notes:
    Rick is simply telling us that you can get your ball handling and shooting workouts via. 2 player drills while sticking to his premise that the "drills are the offense". Also, you work on "Reactions" at the same time. You can certainly judge for yourself with the notes attached, but seeing the video is always the best way.
  3. i have both as well, and Coach Bruce i just got access late yesterday it's under the read and react offense channel. I like all the VODs except for the Ball-Screen mini Video. Didn't get much out of that at all.
  4. Coach Dennis Moderator

    I am watching boot camp, there are not many new drills in there (only watched half of the first day with Pass & Cut, Laker Cut and Dribble At). The best thing here is that it is not edited as much as much as the first practice DVD's. It is more like a full access DVD.
  5. Sheldon Brady New Member

    Hey guys, new to the forum and the read and react offense. I'm going to run this offense this year and have bought the starter bundle. I have also spent sometime reading many of the threads posted by mvcbruce. I have been very impressed not only with the quality of the downloads but the willingness to share that work. I wish I had something to offer, I guess I will just have to share the work you have done with other coaches I know that are interested in the read and react.

    I did come across the "layer 0" idea and love the idea - helped me decide to go with the read and react. Judging by what I have been reading I'm going to be very happy with the potential of the offence, now I just need to become more and more comfortable with it.

    I did have a question for you guys, all the diagrams in the pdf's you have were done on fastdraw, correct? And if so, would you be willing to share the fastdraw files so I could piece the information in a mannual for my players in different orders and more than likely with less pages?

    Once again, great work and thank you for what you have already done!

    Coach Brady

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