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Discussion in 'About Offense' started by Coach H, Nov 10, 2015.

  1. Coach H New Member

    Does anyone have a clue what is different between the old Read and React and the New? The New Read and React offers what?
  2. CoachDAP Member

    The "old" version and the "new" version are very similar. The biggest difference to me is the order in which the different layers are supposed to be taught. The great thing is that you can take the offense and do what you want with it based on your preferences, your players and your situation.
  3. Coach H New Member

    Is this based on the layers you will teach?
  4. CoachDAP Member

    No not really. You can pick and choose the layers that you teach with either version. To me the reason for the "new" version is more of a marketing decision as opposed to a basketball decision. At the end of the day, you can take either version and do what works for you. You can choose to teach some layers and not others. You can teach them in whatever order you prefer. You're still running the R&R no matter what.
  5. Woody New Member

    While I agree that it is mostly a re-packaging of the old material, and that there could be a marketing reason behind it, I would at least purchase layer one of the "new" read and react, as he goes MUCH deeper. Specifically, a lot of content about what a player should do on the catch if they can't finish directly with a layup. Its good content within itself, and it also blends into the zone reads (tons of stuff off of a nail catch). Not sure if you can still by individual chapters or layers, but if you can, I really recommend at least layer 1
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  6. Coach H New Member

    Does Layer 1 still tell you to pass and cut VS a Zone?
  7. CoachDAP Member

    Hook and Look.

    It's not really part of Layer 1. It's the adjustment when playing against zones.
  8. Woody New Member

    Coach H, he does a better job of discussing and drilling the idea that catching in the paint (he calls it the logo) is a good thing, regardless of man or zone. In zone you would be running the same stuff, just emphasizing catches in the logo area
  9. davetropeano New Member

    I think the marketing reason for the new version of R&R is to emphasize "positionless basketball" and take advantage of that phrases' growing popularity among coaches.

    I think the content reason for the new version of R&R is:

    1. Simplify the number of layers into fewer high level concepts
    2. Integrate content from other R&R videos into the main video series

    #2 is the bigger deal here. For example, Layer 1 in the new R&R is called "Pass East-West" (passing to a perimeter teammate east-west) and is the standard Pass & Cut along with 16 scoring opportunities based on reads.

    Having this all in one place is a good thing. It is almost like having the best parts of RRW101, the practice series, the bootcamp, opportunity drives, etc. all in one logical place.
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  10. ST1 Member

    Has anyone Purchased the NEW "Layer 1" ?
  11. davetropeano New Member

    I can also say that the new "First Day of Practice" video is very good for youth teams. The focus is entirely on layer 1, introduces screening away, and is a way to install the framework of the offense for use in half court, BLOB/SLOB, and transition.
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  12. Kirbag New Member

    Coaches, i need yours help. I am beginner coach from europe. Now i begin teach boys and girls 8 years old. How offence type is ok for youth players (up tempo,motion or maybe r&r)? I think that defence man to man is ok, but with offence i have big problem.
  13. ST1 Member

  14. davetropeano New Member

    Yes. There's a screen shot of the outline I posted above. Layer one is "Pass E-W" -- i.e. "Pass & Cut" with the introduction of screening away if the team is ready for it.

    The "new" R&R collapses the framework to 9 layers (from the previous 20). The presentation has been updated to show the scoring opportunities in each (new) layer once the big picture has been shown.
  15. Jamie23iii New Member

    Kirkbag: R&R is great for youth teams, I've taught layers 1-5 to teams with 4-6 year olds on it. Stick with man, and everything simple as possible.
  16. coach215 Member

    In the new RR, are the layers still called Layer 1, 2,...15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20?
  17. coach215 Member

    What is meant by "logo"?
  18. ST1 Member

    Good question

    Any answers?
  19. CoachDAP Member

    The area just below the Free Throw line where schools typically put their conference logo.
  20. coach215 Member

    Our school's basketball court has no "logo" below the Free Throw line. So, if I say "logo", they may not understand what I mean.
    Any suggestions for me?

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