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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by CoachMcLellan, Jul 14, 2013.

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    So I have read the book, "Stuff Good Player's Should Know" that is the bible for PGC; and have been very impressed with their work, so tonight I registered for a 1 month subscription to their online training center, which offers a variety of 30 day challenges.

    I'm interested to hear if anyone else has or had a membership to this service, and their thoughts.

    So far, I like the content, I love the detail in the instruction, but what I don't like is that you can only see 1 challenge at a time. I would gladly shell out the 200.00 dollars for the yearly subscription, but only if I was given access to all the videos at once. As it stands now, they remain locked and at the end of each 30 days you select a new one to unlock. Which makes it tough or me to justify spending 200+ dollars upfront and then only gain access once a month for 12 months.
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    Coach McLellan,

    I was forwarded your post and thought I would follow up. I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed Stuff Good Players Should Know and that you found our Online Training videos to be very detailed. When we created the Online Training portal, we created it with players in mind, which is why we built in one 30-Day Challenge video every 30 days. We did not anticipate that coaches would sign up to access the videos too. As it turns out, hundreds of coaches have since we launched the Online Training portal. Over the next several months we will have a separate portal available for coaches, so you will not have to wait 30 days to access additional videos in the portal. To be notified when the coaches portal is available, please sign up to receive our PGC latest updates on our site or sign up to receive our free Extraordinary Leader video at www.pgcbasketball.com.

    Also, if you are interested in attending one of our fall PGC Coaches College weekends, visit www.pgcbasketball.com/courses/coaching-clinics.

    With thanks,

    Mano Watsa, President
    PGC Basketball
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    Thanks for the reply, I understand that PGC's online training center was designed to help players improve their game, however, the videos and teaching points are so well done that my program has adopted a 30 minute pre-practice that is dedicated entirely to the 30 day challenges. I look forward to seeing the coaches portal, and will gladly register. As for the weekend coaches clinic, I would love to attend; but as a teacher, the timing and location doesn't fit with my work schedule.

    Will PGC Basketball consider releasing any material in dvd format? Either 30 day challenges, coaching clinic material, or other valuable material?

    Coach McLellan

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