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Discussion in 'Video Sharing' started by plavitch, Jan 31, 2013.

  1. plavitch Active Member

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    I have uploaded the first quarter of one of our games last week to YouTube. This is a team of mostly eighth grade girls with a couple of seventh graders thrown in. We are in white uniforms.

    This is by no means a R&R clinic video. You can see a few greatest hits but you can also see a lot of chaos. You will also notice that when you play your entire roster each quarter that the level of play can be uneven. That's ok with me, though, because at this age they are still learning and they learn best by doing.

    Clearly, we would not have any shot clock violations if we had a clock. I know that is not the way many people like to play, so it may turn your stomach.
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  2. Tom7 Administrator

    Just watching it now -- it is fantastic. Thank you for this.

    It is one thing to see these hand picked, sanitized clips of adult college men or high school boys playing RRO, this is so much more helpful to me and my guys.


  3. Paul Member

    Impressive stuff. Thanks for posting. I like the defense, too!
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  4. Tom7 Administrator

    Laughing. Your introduction to the video was so full of disclaimers that my expectations were way too low... I thought they did GREAT! I really enjoyed that clip a lot.

    From what you wrote I thought the level of play would really drop when you swapped players in and out, but it was still good throughout. Really, the only comment I would have for them is as possessions got longer, they tended to collapse their perimeter spacing which made passing and dribbling a bit scarier...

    But that is CLEARLY one well coached team -- and I would be saying that to you about the team in white even if yours was the team black. I would be tickled pink to have you coaching my daughter, that's for sure.

    p.s. Because this thread has rallied around this specific clip, I'm going to break it off into its own thread in the Video Sharing category.
  5. CoachClow Member

    Thanks for posting plavitch. I second, what Tom7 mentioned, this is closer to my reality in the gym than the cherry picked footage we typically see. Fun to watch, keep them coming.
  6. plavitch Active Member

    Thanks for the kind words. I’m glad you can get some value from the clip.

    I wasn’t trying to short sell my team; I actually felt good about that quarter when we played it. It’s just after watching the video I could see things that we are still doing wrong that we have been working on since day one. That kind of kills some of the happy feeling.

    And your comment about our “scary” passing mirrors my thoughts exactly. We have never seen a pass we didn’t think we could complete.
  7. ringy New Member

    Hi Guys

    I had previously posted links to full games on the old forum. They got plenty of hits but hardly any comments. Certainly not the R&R template, but at stages some good actions. If you are interested go take a look.


    Other games there as well.

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  8. Coach See New Member

    I like it. Good to see actual game footage - now I have a better idea! thanks for the post!
  9. ST1 Member

    Hi Ringy

    Watched the first 5 minutes, looks good. IF your guys are not fast breaking they running the R&R. By watching the footage you can see its a R&R team. there are many R&R teams that look NOTHING like R&R :/
  10. CoachMcLellan Active Member

    I just watched the first part of your clip Plavitch; and noticed that your girls, like mine, tend to creep farther and farther inside the 3 pt line, the longer the offensive possession. Made me happy to see I'm not alone in this battle ;)
  11. plavitch Active Member

    Everybody does it from time to time, but it's an ongoing issue with a couple of my girls. They have a couple of things in common: their main offensive skill is the 15-foot catch-and-shoot, and they rarely look to take their man off the dribble from outside the arc. Therefore, they feel like a non-factor offensively when they are out where they need to be. The more confident they are in their three-point shot (rightly or wrongly), the better their spacing.

    I think it's just an age issue. The same girls that had spacing problems in middle school space out nicely in high school.
  12. André Lima New Member

    Hi, plavitch. How long did it take for them to get to this point after you started implementing RRO? And how many years of basketball they had before that?
    I found that one of the most difficult things was to make them "forget" a lot of the habits they had before, like passing and staying put or reverse circle moving when there's a dribble.
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  13. plavitch Active Member

    The majority of the girls in that clip were in their third year of R&R. A few were first or second-year players. They all had had various amounts of experience in our local rec program, which is terrible. There was one girl who had played on a real team before she came to us.

    We fight that "reverse circle" instinct a lot. I'm not sure where it comes from. We don't usually have issues with pass and stand, although my youngest girls this season are still having problems with that after our first week of practice. They are having problems with pretty much everything, though, so standing around pretty much defines that group so far.
  14. ST1 Member

    Hi Tom, Once your Girls have the Spacing Locked down, adding pass& cut and go Screen will be great!

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