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  1. bshore New Member

    Has anyone attended one of Rick Torbett's fall clinics that combines the Read & React with his Dynamic Defense and how to work on fundamentals at the same time?

    I am attending the one in Knoxville in two weeks and can't wait. Check them out on the betterbasketball.com website.
  2. Coach Latz New Member

    My staff and I are headed to the crystal lake clinic this weekend. We couldn't be more excited! We are currently in our third year of running the r&r and love it!
  3. bshore New Member

    Thanks Coach Latz. I will be entering my third year of running the offense also. I am a high school varsity girls' coach.

    Unfortunately, I received an email this weekend from betterbasketball saying that the Knoxville clinic has been postponed because of some TN state basketball clinic going on at the same time. I am HUGELY disappointed, but thankful that my hotel room was free cancellation. I was really looking forward to it, especially right before we started our season.
  4. I am heading to Chicago this weekend, and will also be seeing Rick when he comes to my Alma Mater for a clinic in Cortland New York in October.
  5. Big Daddy Member

    I will be at the clinic in Chicago this weekend also. Will be there on Saturday, probably leaving on Sunday morning, my son has two game on Sunday.

    What hotel are people using? Anybody bringing edited game film besides me?
  6. I will let you know tomorrow, another coach that is 15 miles from me made all the arrangements. I have some film from my JV team from two years ago that i might bring.
  7. bshore New Member

    I am jealous. Any of you feel free to take notes for me:) I am hoping that since I had already paid for the Knoxville clinic and that they are reimbursing me, that part of that reimbursement can be in the form of notes or video from one of the other fall clinics.
  8. Did they tell you why it is canceled?
  9. bshore New Member

    They said that the Basketball Coaches Association of Tennessee is having their clinic the same weekend in Nashville.
  10. Marauder hoops New Member

    Did anyone get some notes or anything from the clinic this weekend they are willing to share?
  11. coachmike Moderator

    I was heading to Knoxville as well....very disappointed it was cancelled
  12. bshore New Member

    Anybody have any notes they want to share on the clinic?
  13. Big Daddy Member

    I attended the first day of Chicago clinic, could not attend day 2. I don’t have detailed notes, more like observations.
    · The clinics are being advertised as for experienced and new R&R coaches. The pace favors experienced R&R coaches. I attended the same clinic as a rookie R&R coach two years ago, and the pace was much slower. They have more total material they want to cover now, such as dynamic defense, so they have sped things up materially. If you are a rookie and have questions, you have to be aggressive about getting issues addressed. Ask the presenters during breaks, speak up during the action, and definitely attend the coaches Q&A at the end of the day.
    · Rick shared presenting duties with Randi Peterson of Coe College, and Rich Czeslawski of Crystal Lake High school.
    · The zone portion seemed rushed and not really clear. This is a topic many coaches, new and experienced, have questions regarding, as evidenced by the large number of questions at the Q&A at night. The hunting aspect of attacking a zone continues to present problems. I have made some suggestions to Better Basketball in this area, let’s see what happens.
    · On the other hand, there were quite a lot of discussion/examples regarding the screening layers of the R&R, and their ability to defeat sagging defense against M2M.
    · They ran out of time on day one to illustrate the press brake. They said they were going to cover it first thing on day 2.

    · More than 100 attendees on day 1. Only 30-ish attended the Q&A portion at night. I strongly recommend going to the coaches Q&A in the evening of day 1. It’s a great opportunity to ask questions of Rick and the other presenters, as well as other coaches who are currently running the offense.

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