R&R: Pre-game Warmup (Ultimate)

Discussion in 'About Offense' started by ST1, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. ST1 Member

    R&R: Pre-game Warmup (Ultimate)

    Hi All, i think we had a thread on the tribe about this but it was long ago nor can i remember,
    What do you guys do for Warm-ups? Got any video? Has your warmups evolved over the last few years?

    How do you guys rate the video below?
    Would you do this if you had 5 minutes?
    What would you do if you had 10 Minutes?

    Honestly we play MUCH better when we do R&R warms ups as appose to Regular old school pre game warmups.....

    I might take some heat (IIRC) i have before, When i say we use's R&R warm up to get our players in the mood and for those who dont want to play the R&R way i say we use these warmups to brainwash them... :p

    View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUWaZdiho44
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  2. Big Daddy Member

    I borrowed the lay up drill from this clip as our pre game lay up warm up. We would do this for a few minutes, and then do a circle move/natural pitch drill as jump shooting drill. Initially the pass receiver would head fake, one dribble in for a two pointer. Later, catch and shoot a three pointer.
  3. plavitch Active Member

    We also use the lay-up drill on the video in our pregame. We follow that with a circle move/natural pitch drill for a jumper, then a safety valve drill for a jumper. Those are all catch & shoot shots for us, but I like Big Daddy's idea of adding a fake and drive.

    I think using those drills in warmups has helped our offensive reactions tremendously.
  4. Paul Member

    We did the same two drills. Sometimes I would assist with the circle move--if I closed out on the person receiving the dish, they head fake and drive. If I stayed back near the basket, they would take a jumper. This gets them to react on the fly.
  5. Tom7 Administrator

    I'm watching that video now. The weird thing about it for me is that the wing passer doesn't cut after the pass.

    Our pre-game layup drill? [Chuckle] We do "finish strong" now where the rebound line comes in an makes contact with the person shooting the layup -- not enough to hurt the guy but definitely enough to disrupt the normal shot flow.

    It's not RRO, but the guys love locking into the Finish Strong mentality before a game.
  6. ST1 Member

    Anybody got some Video footage of there warm ups...
  7. plavitch Active Member

    I will say that when we do that drill we use four balls so that the wing (or top) passer has another ball coming at them very soon after they make the pass for the layup. It still breaks a reaction habit but overall I think all the passing, opportunities for various finishes, and chances to work on closeouts and jumping to the ball outweigh that one drawback. That is always our first drill during our allotted warmup time.

    We use a similar thing for our final drill during warmups. We play what is essentially 1v1 from the volleyball attack line. The offense has the ball with the defense to the inside and slightly behind. Offense has to finish in a game-like advantage situation. I definitely like ending on a full-speed note.
  8. Coach Dennis Moderator

    I have devised three drills, using R&R principles, getting layups, mid-range shots and outside shots. I will introduce them tomorrow during practice and see how these drills actually work in real live situations. They are designed on half-court for 12 players but can be run with 6 players as well. After tomorrow I will post some feedback on how these drills have worked.
  9. ST1 Member

    How did it go?
  10. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Well, it was interesting to say the least. There is a lot going on during the drills so they have to think. Since it is a new drill they are constantly thinking about where to move and what to do. This has a major effect on the speed component of the drill and in the warming up process.

    I have attached the drills, let me know what you think about it. Love to get some feedback on this.

    Attached Files:

  11. ST1 Member

    In the beginning its always slow. when they become proficient it will look great!
    Do a Video and it should be legendary!
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  12. Coach Dennis Moderator

    Any comments on the drills? Are they to difficult? What do you think?

    You are welcome to try this with your team and let me know how it has worked out.
  13. ST1 Member

    @CD i will only see my team again in 2014, March,,,,
    Hence i request a video... :p
  14. ST1 Member

    Any Updates? Any of the NEW coaches wanna chime in?
  15. coachmt34 New Member

    We used the pass and cut layups portion of that video as our first pregame warmup drill this past season. I think it worked very well getting the team loose and into the mindset of moving, passing, cutting. We also use a partner layup drill, kind of like a chaser layup (similar to "finish strong" mentioned above).

    Depending on the allotted time, we may go to some shell drill stuff if there is time to really get the blood flowing and get them into a game mindset immediately.
  16. ST1 Member

    "The Front Cut drill" I LIKE
    " The Rear Cut Drill" I LIKE
    " Fill the spot and shoot drill" I HATE
    its the jump stop reverse pivot i actually HATE, we never use them in a game (I know we should) but the players switch off with this drill.
    I would rather do the "Post Passing" Laker High/Laker Low/ X cut/ Relocate.
    BUT there is not enough shooting in that drill...

    Ive Watched alot of "NBA pre game warmups / Warmup Drills" and its very chaotic. I looks like a bunch of guys just practicing layups and dunks and shooting at random...

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